James Cameron Delivers News on ‘Avatar’ Sequels

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session yesterday director James Cameron revealed that the scripts for the next three Avatar films will be finished within six weeks: “The second, third, and fourth films all go into production simultaneously, they’re essentially all in pre-production now because we are designing creatures, settings, […]

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First Teaser Trailer for ‘Peanuts’ Movie

It’s been more than 30 years since Charlie Brown and Snoopy graced the silver screen, and now fans of all ages can look forward to CG-animated versions of their favorite gang. Fox Family Entertainment and BlueSky Studio just debuted the first teaser trailer and images for the CG-animated “Peanuts“ movie. The film will […]

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St. Louis Comic Con: Wolverine Exclusive Variant Cover Revealed

Variant cover art comic books are always on any serious collector’s radar. I wouldn’t call myself “serious” when it comes to comic books, but I just might have crossed over the point where a fun hobby becomes a casual obsession. Wizard World just revealed an exclusive variant cover of “Wolverine […]

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“Legends Of The Knight” With Director Brett Culp – An Interview

A new Batman documentary may be headed to a theater near you. Director Brett Culp has spent the last two years creating “Legends of the Knight,” a film that explores stories about how the fictional character of Batman has inspired real world acts of greatness. That film is on a […]

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Matt Smith On Tour? Eleventh Doctor Goes To Louisville Comic Con

We announced back in January that Matt Smith, Doctor Who‘s recently regenerated eleventh doctor, was to make his first appearance on the convention circuit since leaving the show. Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con begins tomorrow on Feb. 7 and runs until Feb. 9. Smith will be in attendance on the […]

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CBG and youtube 2

Copyright And Comic Book Girl 19: A Youtube Discussion

Back in December of 2013, the massive video-sharing website and time-wasting black hole known as YouTube.com updated its copyright policies and allowed for more aggressive flagging of copyrighted materials. Using a “Content ID” service, YouTube copyright owners have swept the entire database and have control over blocking and monitoring the traffic […]

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New 2014 Changes For Comic Book Girl 19 Show

Picking up right where the previous YouTube article left off, I explore new content and changes for the Comic Book Girl 19 Show in 2014. Here’s the rundown: Best Comics – CBG 19 and friends discussing established comic series and their story arcs. Plopcasts – CBG uses short videos as […]

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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Award-Winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies at 46

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday from an apparent drug overdose. There was no doubt of how it happened as a law enforcement official found the actor with a syringe in his arm and an envelope of heroin on the scene. This sad […]

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