4.19.16 Dept.H Review

Comic Review: Dept. H #1

The current media landscape is diverse and demands constant attention, so much so that people are in a hurry to binge on one series before another starts and leaves them behind. Quality TV shows (“Game of Thrones”: Season 6 – April 24), blockbuster movies (“Captain America: Civil War” – May […]

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I Saw A Completely Different “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story” Trailer

Good Morning America aired the first exclusive clip of “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story” earlier today and the internet has been hard at work trying to dissect every second of footage. There is an article out there for every conceivable type of Star Wars fan: The Easter Egg […]

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Essential and Nonessential Convention Survival Bag Gadgets

Fans flock every week to conventions of every possible hobby you can imagine: comic book, anime, collectibles, books, gaming. They are usually multi-day events that include some travel, a lot of waiting in lines, and may last the entire day (and night if you’re camping out for special events). Long-time convention […]

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Roll7 Kickflips Back Into Our Hearts With “OlliOlli 2”

I’ll tell you right off the bat: I never played the original game. “OlliOlli,” like so many other indie titles, passed under my radar. I knew of it, of people who play it on their PS Vita on BART, of how the Internet both loves its fun mechanics and hates […]

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“Ready Player One” Movie Release Date Announced. Why You Should Wait To Get Excited.

It’s going to be 20…wait for it. Keep waiting…17. December 15, 2017 According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 2011 ode to video games and nostalgic pop references won’t be released for over two years. What’s the hold up? Some poor schmuck by the name of […]

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Sierra Games Heralds In A New Series of “King’s Quest” Adventures

We are going way back, about thirty years ago, to a magical time in history where text-command adventure games were all the rage on the Apple II and MS-DOS systems. I’m not talking about those text parser interactive fiction games where you only read text and typed responses. That’s going back […]

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