Cosplay Roundup 2

Chicago Comic Con 2014: Cosplay Roundup 2

Wizard World closed the convention hall doors on Chicago Comic Con 2014 with a great showing from A-list special guests and top notch cosplayers from all around the nation. We wrap things up with some truly well-built costumes that range from the old school Battlestar Galactica to the more recent […]

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Chicago Comic Con 2014: David Boreanaz Panel Retweeted

Special guest panels are among the favorite events at comic conventions, right along side autograph signings and costume parades. It’s a great opportunity to see your favorite actor/actress or director, and find out what goes on behind the scenes. Wizard World Chicago gathered an all-star group of special guests who each had their […]

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Chicago Comic Con

Chicago Comic Con 2014: Cosplay Roundup

Wizard World kicked off Chicago Comic Con 2014 in earnest this weekend with appearances from some of the most iconic TV and movie franchises: Star Trek TNG (Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton and the entire bridge cast), The Walking Dead (Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker and Scott Wilson), and Dr. Who (Matt Smith and Karen Gillan). […]

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Gen Con 2014: Upgrade Your Tabletop With Geek Chic

There’s no doubt that tabletop aficionados can play their favorite game on any surface. Gen Con 2014 was the perfect example of how players from around the nation covered every available area of the Indianapolis Convention Center with trading cards, board games and dice. Still, people who invest hundreds of dollars […]

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Gen Con 2014 cosplay

Gen Con 2014: Cosplay Roundup

Indianapolis is finally recovering from a four-day table-top binge fest, formally known as Gen Con 2014. Tournaments were had, dice were rolled, and cosplayers were out and about. In between games, I took a stroll around the convention center to find professional and independent cosplayers showing off their latest creations. […]

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SG 2

SuicideGirls Drop New Book “Geekology,” And Much More

Conventions are great places to snag exclusive merchandise, but they are also wonderful opportunities to preview products for a very focused test group. Estimates put San Diego Comic Con 2014 at +130K attendees and that translates into huge amounts of exposure for any company. SuicideGirls brought their “A” game to SDCC […]

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Return to Role-Playing Game Roots With “The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky”

There has been a recent flood of re-released and updated games in the market. These remastered titles range from ancient 30-year-old classics like the classic point-and-click adventure “Shadowgate,” to the most recently named Game of the Year “The Last of Us.” While there are those who dismiss this trend as just another way […]

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wrinkle in time

“A Wrinkle In Time” Gets A Movie Adaptation From Disney & “Frozen” Writer/Director

Jennifer Lee is quickly becoming a name that I trust in the entertainment industry. She was the talented mastermind behind the amazingly heartfelt “Wreck It Ralph” and “Frozen” movies, in which she directed the latter, and wrote the screenplays for both. Those two titles give Lee enough street credit with me to […]

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Drop Some Rupees On “The Legend Of Zelda” Monopoly

Hasbro, you evil geniuses. It never ceases to amaze me how a company can continue to profit off of an 80-year-old game by simply changing themes and repackaging the materials. Just look at how many different licensed versions of Monopoly have been released in the US alone. While I don’t need a Juicy Couture […]

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