LOST: Watch The Official 12 Minute Epilogue

*UPDATE – The video has been removed from youtube, will post again once it comes back up!*


The End is really here this time folks. Today the official final 12 new minutes of Lost entitled “The New Man In Charge” has been leaked and here is your chance to view it. As described, the epilogue DOES answer some questions that went unanswered during the entirety of Lost. Here’s what we learn more of in the video:

  • Where Walt is and his overall fate
  • Where the pallet drops came from
  • All about the Polar bears
  • Why there were pregnancy issues
  • What was Room 23 for exactly
  • The Hurley Bird
  • Why Chang had aliases

Of course there’s a million other questions that went unanswered, but I guess as the popular answer to the unanswered goes “That’s life.” It was great to see this epilogue not only to find out some answers, but to also see our beloved characters again, after three months without Lost it was fulfilling to see the Ben and Hurley duo.