21 520x380 harry potter and the deathly hallows movie poster The Harry Potter Saga: Why I Still Care, a Prologue
As Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows makes its way to the big screen this fall, we take a look back on nearly a 10 year span and ask ourselves, “Why does Harry Potter still matter to me?” and “Why do I still care?”

By now its safe to assume most people know what happens at the end. I cannot speak for everyone, but in the films I have come to enjoy the performances the actors have brought to each role and I look forward to the emotional ride they will bring to the end. There is so much at stake in the film.

The young boy who we grew up with remains humble, nice and never judgmental towards anyone, just take his friendship with Luna Lovegood for example. Yes, Harry is an everyman, someone who we can relate to, not just because he has many human issues (parental figure issues, love life issues) but mainly because he has what makes everyman appealing: the will to never give up. He wants nothing but to enjoy his life, not to be famous as a wizard, and to leave the muggle world behind.

However, we are in a movie, and our protagonist must face the wizard who killed his parents along with the overwhelming odds against him. This is what makes Harry our unconventional hero, as his journey is not typical except for knowing he must defeat true evil.

In the coming weeks I will examine the previous films, not to review but to gain some insight as to why this boy has held an important place in film history and in our hearts.