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Sunday August 22nd 2010

BioShock Infinite: What We Know

Xbox 360 Games – E3 2011 – BioShock Infinite

Like most of you last week I was ecstatic to learn that a new BioShock is in the works. The new teaser trailer, doesn’t reveal much on the new game, but luckily for you I’ve spent the better part of my week looking for every bit of info I could find.

BioShock Infinite takes place in 1912, several years before the incidents of the original BioShock, in the floating city of Columbia. That’s right BioShock Infinite leaves behind the claustrophobic undersea city of Rapture and takes to the sky. The city of Columbia was intended to be a floating worlds fair showing the world the power and reach of a new developing America. After a horrific international incident Columbia disappeared into the clouds and is now just a thing of rumors and speculation.

You take on the role of Booker DeWitt a former Pinkerton agent now just a gun for hire. Unlike the other characters in previous BioShock games Booker DeWitt isn’t a blank slate, he has his own back story and even speaks through out the game. DeWitt is asked by a mysterious figure to go to Columbia and rescue a girl named Elizabeth.

Abducted as a young girl Elizabeth has grown up in the crumbling metropolis that is Columbia. Elizabeth is our damsel in semi-distress she will aid you through out the game, never directly affecting anything.  She will react to you as a player and the situations you both face. Elizabeth has her own powers that she can use to help you however over use of them can be harmful to her. You and Elizabeth must trust and aid each other in order to take on the citizens of Columbia.

bioshock infinite game BioShock Infinite: What We Know
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Besides the city itself there are other forces trying to stop you from escaping. You are chased by gigantic mechanized men with human heads and robotic bodies that have glass encased hearts, it’s a safe assumption to say that this might be Infinite’s version of a Big Daddy. On top of that you are also attacked by a giant mechanical bird that tries to snatch up Elizabeth every chance it gets.

BioShock: Infinite has a new game engine which allows up to 15 enemies to attack you at once but not to worry, much like its previous incarnations Infinite gives you an impressive arsenal as well as some new powers to take one these overwhelming odds. Along with some familiar powers such as lighting and telekinesis new powers like “Murder of Crows”, which allows you to send a pack of crows to attack your enemies, will help you escape Columbia.

Infinite also introduces a new skyline rail system to help you get around to different parts of the floating city and its also used as a tactical tool to flank enemies or just get away when the odds are too stacked against you.

It is unknown whether this game’s new narrative is in anyway linked to the previous BioShock titles, but it is good to see that Irrational games is once again bringing us another of its historical science fiction driven first person shooters. BioShock Infinite is scheduled for a 2012 release.

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