Resident Evil Afterlife: Review

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I was very mixed about this movie going into the theater. On one hand, there is the fact that James Cameron’s fantastic quality 3D camera system is integrated into this film, but on the other hand, this is a Resident Evil movie. Here’s my review of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The story fallows Alice (Milla Jovovich), a genetically enhanced experiment, searching for survivors and fighting Umbrella, the company that made her what she is. Oh yeah and she’s also trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. About thirty minutes into the film, I must have leaned over seven or eight times to explain the story to my friend who was experiencing Resident Evil for the first time. This movie makes no sense if you haven’t seen the previous Resident Evil movies and played the games, and even if you did both, the movie still made little sense. There were several continuity issues like characters or zombies suddenly behind people with no explanation on how they got there. I wouldn’t normally complain about a movie like this having continuity issues but the director tried too hard on the story at points that the plot just fell on its face. Another part of this movie that made me cringe was the dialog. It felt as if the writer began inserting dialog the weekend before the movie began filming. It was mostly one liners that explained parts of the story but never really gave us much insight into the characters.

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I’m tempted not to discuss the acting as the characters were all forgettable. Several of the actors I have seen in other projects and liked them before, but the characters in this movie were extremely generic. Several characters were hero types that you knew would survive the movie. Then there were other characters you knew would die during the movie, and the jerk character that would get what they deserved in the end. The really sad part was the villain. I had such high hopes from the trailer for a cool villain but the actor was monotone and trying to be serious, but he failed miserably. The villain’s acting was stilted and his performance made me laugh.

The portions of Resident Evil: Afterlife that I enjoyed were the action scenes. The flips and gun fights look great, and many scenes were in slow motion, but the slowmo worked with the 3D. I was very pleased they used James Cameron’s 3D camera system instead of digital conversion. The movie displayed a nice amount of detail but at several points, the background and foreground items were too much for the detail 3D provided.

The verdict is if you want to see a stylized action movie with zombies then check this flick out in 3D. If the theater doesn’t have the movie in 3D, skip Resident Evil all together. The movie is fun but I’m not sure how fun it would be without the the 3D. When planning for the zombie apocalypse, don’t use Resident Evil: Afterlife as an example.

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