Geek Peeks Top 5: Dexter Episodes

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Season 5 of Dexter is closing in, September 26 for those of you in the U.S. Here’s a little re-run of my top five Dexter episodes of all time to get you reminiscing. (SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched all four seasons there are SPOILERS in this article)

#5. Season 4, Episode 12: The Getaway

Now we see how unrattled Dexter has become, how much harder it is to juggle work, marriage, fatherhood and being a serial killer. How even though Dexter seems almost perfect to us, we see him struggle, how hard it is to battle an experienced serial killer and how he loses it. This episode had me completely gobsmacked at the end, I cried so hard I couldn’t believe it. (I’m a mum, I blame it on that.)

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This episode and season in short; Dexter has become obsessed with the Trinity killer, which is also Agent Lundy’s obsession, and after his death becomes Debra’s obsession. Dexter is determined that Trinity must die by his hand and looses control of the rest of his life, even getting thrown in jail briefly for the sake of the cause. He finally gets him, and the Dexter series could easily have ended there.

Dexter comes home to check his messages, and calls Rita back to tell her he’s on his way. Rita’s telephone starts ringing nearby and the baby starts crying. Dexter breathlessly runs to the sound of the baby finding his wife bled out in the bathtub and their son sitting in a pool of blood on the floor. The episode ends with Dexter sitting on the lawn, his son in his arms-muttering to the police “it was me.”

#4. Season 2, Episode 6: Dex, Lies and Videotapes

I have to admit, I think Dexter is brilliant. He is a genius, in his own sick and twisted way. That’s why I love it when he faces a challenge. He’s like the MacGyver of murderers. (No offense, Murdoch..)

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Rita invites Lila to dinner after meeting her, being jealous of the other woman and wanting to get a closer look. Later that night she learns that Lila joined Dexter on the road trip and announces she never wants to see him again. He also suddenly gets a copycat, and needs to take care of him. Debra is sour with him in this episode, because Agent Lundy seems to prefer Dexter over her, as their father once did. He also learns that Harry had an affair with his biological mother, and finds he now questions his foster fathers motive for taking him in.

#3. Season 2, Episode 5: The Dark Defender

I love this episode, because Dexter opens up for the first time. Even though I hate Lila, she serves her purpose well. Dexter has a revelation in this episode, he remembers that there were three men who killed his mum – cue revenge. Of course, Dexter in an awesome leather cape is pure win. This episode was great, mostly because I’m a comic geek, and the idea of “The Dark Defender” was awesome.

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In this episode, as mentioned, Dexter remembers detail of his mothers murder, and starts investigating the whereabouts of the murderers. Only one is available living under the witness protection program in Naples, running a bar. He drives down to confront him, with his “sponsor” Lila in tow. (For those of you who don’t remember, Dexter lied that he was a substance addict, in Narcotics anonymous, to keep Rita’s suspicions at bay. Dexters marina is now also under surveillance, something Dexter soon will learn.

#2. Season 2, Episode 2: Waiting to Exhale

We all wondered what would happen next. The first episode of Season 2 was more of a gentle push into a “this is what life is like for Dexter now” mindset. Doakes is on his every move after the turmoil of saving his foster sister and killing his true brother. The loss of his brother and his secure line to his foster fathers’ rules is shaky, and he’s not even getting to kill people – and then a complete surprise – his body dumping site is discovered.

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In this episode Dexter has lots of things to deal with – The arrival of FBI agent Lundy, a noted serial killer hunter who is on a mission to find the “Bay Harbour Butcher” as the media has dubbed him. The death of Paul (Rita’s ex-husband and father of Astor and Cody) has Rita suspicious of Dexter and he has to make up a story to regain her trust. Doakes stalks him after hours, forcing Dexter to live a normal life. This means no killings and this has him on edge.

#1 Season 1, Episode 1: Dexter

The first is always the best,in my opinion. It has to be, in order to really sell of course. Even before the intro-song is over, I love this show. Dexter – the lovable serial killer. (Based on the books by Jeff Lindsay, starting with Darkly dreaming Dexter)

197 480x380 dexter1 Geek Peeks Top 5: Dexter Episodes

In this opening episode we get to know Dexter, a blood spatter analycist working for Miami metro P.D. He was raised by a cop, foster father Harry and has a loving sister Debra, who also works with the police. Dexter has a girlfriend, Rita, and at night he hunts criminals, murderers, rapists and he exterminates them. Dexters foster father Harry taught him how not to get caught and how he should act so no one suspects him after learning Dexter he has a compulsion to kill at a young age.

Yes, I know season 3 is left completely out. I just happen to think the other seasons were better. The second season really builds meat on the bones of Dexter the character – and I really love that. For now – let’s all wait for season 5 with this trailer. Enjoy!

If you still feel like the wait is too long; enjoy Showtime’s Dexter web series; “Dexter Early Cuts” or “The Dark Defender” series that recaps Dexter quite nicely.

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