The Town: Our Review

the town nuns The Town: Our Review
“The Town” follows the story of Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), a bank robber, whose group takes a hostage, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) during a bank robbery. They let her go as soon as they know they aren’t being followed and they take her ID and find out she lives near them. Doug is put in charge of making sure she doesn’t know anything. Through doing this he falls in love with her and she is now thrown into his crazy world of robberies and gang bosses. Here’s my review of “The Town”.

The story of “The Town” is extremely engaging. The subplots really bring the story together and add the immersion this movie provides. Even though there are several subplots, the story still makes sense. The subplots add to the main story instead of diverting into different stories. I was very impressed with this story and script, its dialog had depth and so did the characters.

The Town Movie The Town: Our Review
This movie really didn’t have a clear main villain. “The Town” had many villainy characters but you could never pick out a main one. Jon Hamm played the FBI agent, Adam Frawley. He was chasing Ben Affleck’s character and trying to pin the robberies on him. The director seemed to play him as a good guy but he came off as a little evil. Hamm’s character also came across as a cop who wants to hurt the bad guys instead of help the people. I will say that all the parts were well acted and I would guess that a few could get the Oscar nomination.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. The sad parts were sad and there were some comic relief that did not overshadow the tense storyline. If you like movies with a deep story and some well done action, this movie is right up your ally. Everything from the action to the cast to the set design was great work. This is a movie that most people will like.

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