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Warning, this article contains a SPOILERY recap of the first two episodes.

Fringe is back ladies and gentlegeeks!

Last week in “Olivia”, we got to see our Olivia being held at a facility and being injected with memories of alternate Olivia, which fans have dubbed “Bolivia.” Walternate’s motives for trying to have Olivia believe she is Bolivia are yet to be known although I’ll guess that it may have something to do with Olivia’s abilities.

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Olivia, being her usual self, escapes and befriends a taxi driver who she tells her story to. After some time the taxi driver comes around and ends up believing her and dropping her off at her moms house in hopes that she finds the answers she’s looking for. Remember folks, our Olivia’s mom died when she was 14, so the meeting between them sparked a great emotional response. Sadly, the adrenaline from Olivia’s escape ends up triggering the memory injections to work and our Olivia ends up beginning to believe she is Bolivia. Hope comes in the form of the noble taxi driver following Charlie’s car as he drives off with Olivia.

Olivia interacting with Charlie again was great to see, Olivia interacting with this whole new alternate team in general will be interesting to see. Fringe division in this universe seems to be highly militarized as opposed to our universe where the division is just composed of Peter, Walter, Astrid, Olivia and Broyles. It was sad to watch Olivia lose her identity, but I can’t imagine the storyline getting interesting if it was just her running from Fringe division until she finds a way out. Good premiere, but can’t wait to dig deeper.

This week in “The Box”, we’re taken back to our universe with Peter, Walter and Broyles struggling to decipher what the Peter-manned “doomsday device” will do if successfully built. Peter and Walter also have unresolved tension from the end of last season when Peter discovered that Walter stole him from the alternate universe as a boy.

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Bolivia is in our universe now and is working with Jerome Newton, who led the alternate universes secret initiative in our universe last season. William Bell is pronounced dead and leaves special items to both Nina Sharp and Walter. Peter shares some special moments with Bolivia who he still believes is his Olivia. Bolivia joins Walter and Peter in one of their “freak of the week” storylines that has them looking for a “box” that kills anyone around it by using ultra super sonic sound waves (it makes a “little person” explode!).

The Box ends up being a missing piece of the unbuilt “doomsday device” revealing that pieces of the machine are in our universe, which may explain why the alternate universe is infiltrating it. Walters inheritance from William Bell ends up being the primary stock of Massive Dynamic, so yes, Walter Bishop now owns Massive Dynamic.

We actually see Bolivia kill a helpless person in this episode which is a big deal. The writers are setting the tone and telling us that Bolivia is definitely the bad guy, she won’t show the mercy or compassion our Olivia would. Watching Peter and Bolivia spend quality time together is sort of bittersweet for fans hoping for a relationship between Peter and Olivia, because we’ve never really seen them get as close to each other as they do in this episode. The Box being a part of the Peters machine and Walter inheriting Massive Dynamic were both pretty predictable plot points, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this episode because I can see the plot shaping and taking interesting turns.

The verdict:
3.01 “Olivia”: B-
3.02 “The Box”: B+

Next week it looks like we’ll go back to the alternate universe to see the effects of the memory injections on our Olivia, can’t wait! Here’s the promo and a sneak peek.