Fringe: Episode 3.03 “The Plateau” Review

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Warning! This post contains SPOILERY tidbits of the episode.

This week we’re back in the “red universe”, dubbed by Fringe fans due to the color of the opening title sequence. The red universe is the alternate universe that Olivia is stuck in believing she is Fauxlivia after being injected with her memories. It looks for sure now that episodes will alternate between what is happening in the blue universe (our original) and the red universe, a concept which I am liking so far. Here’s my brief recap and review of Fringe’s episode 3.03 “The Plateau”.

We learn through Walternate the reason why they are jumping through loops to have Olivia believe she is Fauxlivia. Walternate somehow knows Olivia has the ability to travel between universes unharmed and wants to run tests on her to acquire this ability. To do this, Olivia must be willing to submit and she will only do so if she believes she is part of the team. Of course, things would not be interesting unless Olivia was seeing things no one else can. In previous seasons Olivia saw her old flame John Scott on occasion, helping her with cases. In this case Olivia is seeing projections of original Olivia’s memories, most notably Peter.

Seeing Peter is not the only thing going wrong with the memory injections. While investigating the crimes of this episodes freak of the week we see that injections didn’t pass through knowledge of red universes protocols, meaning Olivia doesn’t know how to do certain things but plays it off like she has just forgotten. This problem actually saves her life as she chases the bad guy. Peter shows up again at the end and tells her she only lived because she isn’t from this universe, and all the Peter/Olivia relationship fans get to see them kiss. Even though the kiss was just in her head, I’d imagine it somewhat satiates the appetite of fans waiting patiently for Olivia’s return home (blue universe).

This was a great episode not only because we got to dig deeper into how different the red universe is (I.E. pens and avocado’s are rare, and oxygen levels are unstable in some areas and require Fringe members to carry around a little oxygen gizmo) but we also get to see Olivia’s brain struggle to accept her implanted memories. We also get a hint that Olivia will once again enter the sensory deprivation chamber when she submits to Walternates experiments. I would definitely bet that once she enters again, we will see original Olivia’s memories go head to head against her implanted ones. It should make for great TV!

Verdict: Episode 3.03 “The Plateau” gets an A- in my book.

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