Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Review

superman batman apocalypse Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Review

I am reminded about the storyline from the comics as I watch this film right off the bat by the animation. The artwork in the comics, titled “The Supergirl from Krypton,” was done by the late Michael Turner and the team of artists did a fantastic job adapting it. Turner’s art style consists of beautiful women with eyes expressing a wide range of emotions accompanied with long flowing hair. It was a wonderful attempt that I believe succeed in bringing Michael Turner’s art to life, the perfect example is in Supergirl herself. Another is the elongated ears Turner would always give Batman when drawing him. Overall the animation was excellent when compared to the detailed artwork it came from. I can only wonder how much input Michael Turner would have had if he were still alive.

Now onto the story shall we? It begins with a recap of the first film “Public Enemies”, played out through news radios and callers, recapping how Lex Luthor is on trial for the crimes he committed in the first film. As this continues Batman, who is collecting Kryptonite that keeps falling towards Earth, discovers an empty ship with Kryptonian inscribed on it. Turns out a naked Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, was in it, climbs out and causes some destruction before Batman can subdue her with a piece of Kryptonite. In his cave he runs tests to determine who she is, she awakens and freaks out, suddenly Superman speaks to her in their language. They discover they are cousins. Batman suspects she is a threat, Superman wants to help his cousin fit in and Wonder Woman wants to train her as a proper warrior. Throughout all this, Darkseid wants a new leader for his Female Furies, a group of female warriors.

Kara is trying to find where she fits in. She was older than Superman on Krypton but due to being trapped in an asteroid and a form of suspended animation she remains a teenager as oppose to being older than the adult Superman. By the end, Darkseid is beaten into submission but both Superman and Kara and she has decided to take up the “S” shield.

What I liked about this was Kevin Conroy returned as Batman and Tim Daly as Superman. Both were the actors in “Public Enemies” and both provided the voices in the animated shows of the 1990s. Summer Glau did a wonderful job as Supergirl, bringing the confused teenager to life and Andre Braugher was fantastic as Darkseid. The storyline remained intact and the action was awesome to watch when it came to the fights between Superman, Supergirl and Darkseid.

My favorite part was while on the rescue mission in Apokolips, Superman and Wonder Woman deal with minions while Batman dons armor and confronts Darkseid. Knowing that he cannot take him on physically, Batman threatens to ignite a device he has rigged that will destroy the whole planet of Apokolips if Darkseid does not release Supergirl. Darkseid gives in, knowing that Batman is not bluffing. A fantastic scene in the comics that I was glad was left in the movie.

What I didn’t like was the lack of dialogue for Batman, but viewing it as a whole, this is not his story so while the Batman fan in me was a bit disappointed, I understood. Another thing were the one-liners, some were good but there were some that felt out of place and forced. Nothing that would take away from the film but odd. There was less action then the other entries but again in viewing it as a whole, not that kind of story.

So overall watch this film, rent it buy, borrow it, do what you can. It was a good adaptation from one of my favorite story lines and one that keeps pushing the level of sophistication these films have shown.

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