The Social Network: Review

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“The Social Network” follows the creation of the popular social network site, Facebook. The story also follows law suits between the main character, Mark Zuckerberg and other characters in the story. This is a tale full of betrayal, lost love, and manipulation. Here is my review of “The Social Network”.

The writing and dialog in the film is top notch. The story is engaging but the whole movie is one large flashback. At certain points in the story, the viewers jump into two different conference rooms that each hold lawyers, Zuckerberg and the people suing him. The movie overall is easy to follow but still contains an engaging and twist heavy plot.

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The acting in this movie is very well done, especially Jesse Eisenberg, who plays a believable Mark Zuckerberg. He comes across as someone who is always in control and who is smarter than everyone else. Armie Hammer plays both of the Winklevoss twins, the people who hire Mark to make their website. He surprisingly pulls off both of the roles to the extent that I thought they actually cast twins for the role. Andrew Garfield plays Edwardo Saverin who is Marks best friend when he is in college and fronts the money to start Facebook. Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker who was the inventor of Napster. He plays someone who screwed the system and still wants to screw the system. Timberlake was the surprise of this film. Going into “The Social Network”, great performances were expected but I wasn’t sure if Timberlake would preform to my standards. He pulled off the role and I enjoyed his character.

Overall, this movie is fantastic. The plot is very well written and the cast hold their own. I think this will get an Oscar nomination but I’m not sure if it will win best picture. I should mention that most of the story depicted is not true. A lot the script is exaggerated, taken out of context or just plain made up. This is not the true story of Facebook but instead, a more exciting, Hollywood version of the birth of Facebook.

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