Red: Review

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The movie Red follows the story of Frank Moses (Bruce Willis), an ex-CIA agent who retired and was tagged “RED” (Retired Extremely Dangerous). Along with trying to figure out why he is being hunted, Frank protects and courts Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), a young woman who only knows Moses through their phone conversations about his military pension. Here is my review of “Red”.

This is a really fun action movie. I enjoyed the explosions and the gun fights. The movie is full of wit and and interesting characters. One problem with this movie is, athough this is an intense action movie, the beginning of the movie is extremely slow. The main villain is William Cooper (Karl Urban), he really isn’t a bad guy but someone who works for the CIA and is caught between orders and his curiosity of what is really going on. There is a twist at the end but the twist seems weak. The plot overall feels weak. This is a movie most people would go to for the great action, explosions and brief action comedy. Morgan Freeman is in the movie but the previews portrayed him as a bigger character than he really is. His character seemed more like a really long cameo instead of a supporting character. I do have to say this movie is a lot funnier that I thought it would be. This movie struck me as a tamer version of smoking aces but it held it’s own ground as something different.

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This was an all star cast. All the acting in the movie was fantastic and is what you would expect from the quality of actors in the movie. When I first saw that Morgan Freeman was in this movie, I thought the story would be more engaging since he is usually in movies that have somewhat interesting stories, but then again he did “Wanted” and “Bruce Almighty”.

Over all this movie was really fun. No one can go into this movie and take it seriously. “Red” is intended to be funny and over the top for the sake of being funny and over the top. Nothing more and nothing less. I really enjoyed how well the explosions were done but if they made a sequel I would like to see a better story and a faster story, but the action felt like the right amount.

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