Geek Speak: Let’s Talk About The Avengers

Avengers01 thumb 400x400 26254 300x300 Geek Speak: Let’s Talk About The AvengersMy apologies for the lateness of this installment of Geek Speak. This time around, our Bruno Cruz pulled out all the stops to talk about The Avengers on Google Voice. The other day, I received maybe four phone calls from him. Although I knew he’d call me to do another Geek Speak, I wasn’t expecting more than a couple of phone calls, so I almost picked up the phone.

In total, Bruno left me about 10 minutes of background story, sharply punctuated with his little idiosyncrasies. Granted, 10 minutes of any kind of history, even Avengers history, is a little formidable, so for now I will only post the first 3 minutes to show you just how well Google Voice fared this round.

GSpeakAvengers Geek Speak: Let’s Talk About The Avengers

Did you follow along all the way through? Again, Google Voice fails to capture the real essence of Bruno’s Avengers soliloquy. If you want to hear the rest of the Geek Speak Avengers transcript, leave us a comment and I’ll drop you a line.

And just as a gentle reminder, every month we will display Bruno’s geeky prowess and test how well Google Voice understands him. We also invite you, our faithful visitors, to submit your own Geek Speak rants or comments by calling us at (415) 273-9523. Leave us a message and become our next featured Geek Speak!

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