Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010

Well friends, 2010 is slowly but surely coming to a close. The year was filled with good television and undeniably great television. So we here at Geek Peeks want to to take some time to reflect and celebrate what we believe to be the Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010. Some are brand spanking new, some are geeky mainstays and have been around awhile, and some have already ended. Let’s get started!

#5 – Psych

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If you have ever seen just one episode of Psych, you would already know that it is drenched in geekiness. If you want to talk about awesome comedic “bromances”, sure, Troy and Abed from Community most definitely deserve to be in that discussion, but you have to know that Shawn and Gus were the first successful geeky “bromantic” duo.

Now in it’s 5th season the show’s Scooby Doo-esque plots are still as fresh and light as they were in the first season. Shawn’s father played by the great Corbin Berson has finally rejoined the police force in order to protect Shawn and his secret (whether he likes to admit it or not.) Also, romance is finally brewing between Shawn and Juliet which is a payoff that fans have been dying to see.

357 480x280 psychssn5 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010
The true “double rainbow” of this show is in it’s two leads, James Roday and DulĂ© Hill, who have such great chemistry as a crime solving duo. The reason why this show is successful is largely due to them and they are also the reason why it’s in our top 5.

#4 – The Big Bang Theory

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Jim Parsons won an Emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, which for most, is considered to be the best of a whole onslaught of geeky TV shows that came out around the same time.

This is the era in which being a geek and watching nerdy shows became cool and profitable. However, the difference between those shows, which are now cancelled, and TBBT is that TBBT is legitimately the nerdiest show on television. Physics, dark matter, nerd love confusion, string theory, Wil Wheaton and Blossom, need I say more?

#3 – Fringe

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I won’t lie, Fringe is one of my favorite TV shows currently on today, but that’s not the reason it’s on this list. Now in it’s 3rd season, Fringe’s compelling and utterly brilliant storyline has placed it among sci-fi show MVPs such as The X-Files, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

300 480x280 fringe cast Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010

The main reason Fringe is on this list is because things have never been so tense with so much at stake this season. Universal infiltrations, memory replacement, cross-universe love triangles between alternate Olivias, and to top it all off there is a cataclysmic universe destroying machine that only Peter can operate. Yes folks, Fringe has single-handedly upgraded our nerdy definition of war between two sides.

#2 – The Walking Dead

366 480x280 twd3 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010
AMC has brought to life what geeks from all around the world have been dying to see, “The Zombie Apocalypse.”

Sure, it’s been fun to see the post-apocalyptic mess that is Atlanta, where “The Walkers” roam free and in hordes, that’s the appeal right? Well, yes and no. As TV couch potatoes, the zombies draw you in, but it’s the characters that make you stay. The most notable characters so far would be the relatable Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), the guy that you love to hate.

364 480x280 twd1 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010

Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont have created the best new TV show of 2010 by adapting the graphic novels with care and acquiring a great cast. This is no slash and horror show, folks, (well it is.. but it’s mainly good drama and storytelling.)

#1 – LOST

355 480x280 lost s06 624x351 01 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010
Oh my, have we already forgotten that the Jack, Kate, Locke and Sawyer epic only ended this past May?

Well whether or not I just reminded you, or if you hardcore Losties haven’t forgotten, you won’t disagree that it belongs in the #1 spot. The final season, especially those last three episodes, took us on a geeky emotional rollercoaster we’ll never forget.

373 480x280 lost8 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010

Time travel, mystical islands, strange connections? These are all old story plots, but Lost was unique because it brought all of these weird things together and tied them in to characters you love. When I say love, I mean you invested yourself emotionally into these fictional people. Desmond and Penny, Jack and Kate, Juliet and Sawyer, heck even Hurley and Charlie. You LOVED these characters and you loved they way they interacted with each other and with the invisible character, the island.

374 480x280 lost9 Geek Peeks Top 5 Geeky TV Shows of 2010
No season described what I’m talking about more than the final one. Whether you loved or hated the ending, it was all about the characters, right down to the final shot.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Smallville
  • Chuck
  • Community

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