Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!

cast big bang theory Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!

If there’s one thing us geeks like, it’s geeky memorabilia. From superhero statues to movie replicas, we just can’t seem to get enough. For this special Geek Peeks’ Top 5, we decided to pick out the geekiest stuff from one of our favorite television shows, The Big Bang Theory. So here’s our top 5 geeky things from Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. Enjoy!

#5. Batman Cookie Jar

l10027718 300x300 Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!

Given to Sheldon by Leonard in season 1, this awesome cookie jar is probably the hardest item to find on this list. When it is on eBay, it can sell for $200-$300. Not only does it ward off criminals, but it’s also a cool place to store your oatmeal raisin cookies.

#4. Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster

cylontoaster Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!What better way to get back at the cylons than by taking a bite out of a centurion? This very cool limited edition Battlestar Galactica toaster was a 2008 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive. Originally selling for around $60, this little guy now goes for about $100-$200, which is well worth it for cylon toast! So say we all!

#3. 17 Base Pair DNA Double Helix Model 91 Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!Definitely the most expensive item on the list, this DNA model stands at 3 meters tall and sells for $1,350. It should be noted that the model on the show is somewhat unique compared to the one that is sold online. When the show originally aired, the set designer desperately wanted to use this as one of his set pieces, but felt that it was too short to stand out. To remedy this, he bought two and stacked them on top of each other.

#2. Green Lantern Power Battery & Ring Replica

0508 dcd gl Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!

Given to Hal Jordan by the dying Abin Sur, this power battery and ring grant their owner the power of the legendary Green Lantern! Although this galactic lantern is not powered by OA forces, it does light up when it close proximity to the ring. This hard to find replica originally sold for $250, but can now go anywhere from $300-$500.

#1. Halo 3: Legendary Edition Master Chief Replica Helmet

halo3 helmet front Geek Peeks Top 5: Stuff from The Big Bang Theory!This awesome replica came as part of the Halo 3: Legendary Edition game bundle. Although the helmet is too small to be wearable, there is a empty slot inside where you can keep your Halo games. Since they made tons of these little guys, you can easily find them online for about $50-150. This same helmet can also be seen in Chuck Bartowski’s room from the equally geeky TV show, Chuck.

  • Jaena Rae

    Personally, I’d put the Batman cookie jar at No. 1. I’ve been looking for the damn thing for years. Almost got one once… :[

  • Bruno

    i have a power battery, just need a ring

  • Science Teacher

    Sometimes I’m so busy looking at that DNA molecule, I miss what’s going on with the show!  I want one for my classroom so badly, I could scream!!

  • j – man


  • Ilovedick

    Just got the helmet

  • Panchou Lo

    The DNA stand 3 METERS (9 ft) tall ?? And there are TWO of them? So the characters are about 6 meters (18 ft) tall? WTF !

  • Erika

    DNA model was bought from Indigo Instruments at I bought two of them and stacked them at my office!