Supernatural 6.10: “Caged Heat” Review

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Review for Supernatural 6.10: “Caged Heat”

This episode was packed. There were angels, demons, the return of old characters, your usual ‘Supernatural’ demon torture scene, not to forget more Sam-soul drama and last but not least there was a kiss. Following season six’s trend of giving answers to build a continuing mystery – Sam’s soul and purgatory – there were a lot of reveals in this episode.

Here’s my little list:    

Reveal 1 – Iridium kills alphas.
Reveal 2 – Samuel works for Crowley to resurrect Mary.
Reveal 3 – Sam’s soul could be damaged by Lucifer and Michael.
Reveal 4 – Crowley cannot bring Sam’s soul back.
Reveal 5 – Alphas are not afraid to die to protect the location of purgatory.
Reveal 6 – Crowley has reliable sources about purgatory and alphas.
Reveal 7 – Samuel is even willing to send his grandsons to their death to get Mary back.
Reveal 8 – Castiel is not surprisingly losing against Raphael in heaven.
Reveal 9 – You can kill hellhounds with an angel sword.
Reveal 10 – Meg was an apprentice under Alastair.

Demon Christian, Meg, the female djinn, Crowley and Castiel were all back in this episode. It was like one big family meeting. E.g. the djinn didn’t have such a good time; she was in a cage and Crowely was gonna torture her. Doesn’t that remind you of some holidays when you’re forced to spent time with annoying family members? You seek your escape in another room but get escorted back to the main room by friendly uncles or aunts to talk aka torture. One thing is sure, Crowley and Christian won’t be back next Thanksgiving. The rest of Supernatural’s on-screen family was busy watching TV, calling each other names or appearing unannounced with gift bags.    

After Sam and Dean deliver a monster, Meg 2.0 returns and as expected she got a problem with Crowley who didn’t appreciate her loyalty to the ex-prince of darkness. Soulless Sam discovers her dilemma immediately and offers her a deal. She tortures Crowley and they find him. After a failed attempt by Castiel to locate the king of hell, they try their luck at Samuel’s hunter villa. They don’t find anything but learn his big secret. Crowley promised to bring back Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary Winchester. Samuel gives in and helps them. Crowley is at his own little prison torturing monsters to get information about purgatory. But because nothing is what it seems, Samuel didn’t really help the brothers but led them into a trap. After a little kissing – Castiel practices his porno-pizza-man moves on Meg, torture and a miraculous escape by Sam, we get a showdown. Meg, Sam and Dean vs. Crowley. Castiel got beamed away by sneaky Grandpa and demon Christian died an unspectacular death. Surprisingly Crowley, the king of hell, gets killed in mere seconds. Castiel miraculously found his human bones in under a minute. Two miracles in one episode, must be a new record. Maybe they wanted to show the badass side of Castiel because he doesn’t hesitate to turn the demon to dust but I find it ridiculous that Crowley wouldn’t take any precautions to protect himself from getting killed so easily. E.g. A spell.    

two handsome devils Supernatural 6.10: Caged Heat Review

Two handsome devils...

But going back to Crowley’s first scene, when he was still alive, he somehow captured the alpha shape shifter and we get to enjoy two Mark Sheppard for the price of one. Crowley says that he happens to know that the alpha can draw him a map to purgatory and that his sources are unimpeachable. So who could it be? And if they’re that good why can’t they simply find the location of purgatory? It also sets apart the monster afterlife from heaven and hell. Not even Sam or Dean managed to go there without dying. As interesting as the missing soul storyline is, I’m even more intrigued by the alpha storyline this season. There has to be a reason the alphas increase their numbers and why not even death can tempt them to reveal the location. The alpha’s last words ‘Kill them all, we’ll make more’ sounds more threatening than you would expect from an ancient creature who is about to die. I suspect the monsters are creating an army to get rid of demons and angels as revenge for starting the apocalypse and leaving them helpless. He says ‘we’ which could simply refer to the other shape shifters or other alphas.  I also mourn Crowley’s death because we still don’t know why finding purgatory was important to him in the first place, the location explanation sounds fishy. I think he owed somebody big time. Maybe he got more powers in exchange for a deal and he had to find purgatory for that person. I still don’t know what motivated him to bring back Sam but at the moment there are more interesting things like solving the puzzle about alphas and purgatory.    

In ‘Two and a half men’ Samuel and his hunters didn’t know how to kill an alpha. Seven episodes later and we get the solution – Iridium. Again with the rare and powerful, show! I have a feeling we will see a lot of Iridium in the second half of the season if there really is a fight between monster, angels and demons. I only hope the Holy Grail isn’t next on ‘Supernatural’ list of rare items. I get that the Winchesters need a way to level the odds, they’re after all just humans, but if it’s always magic or powerful things that save the day, it cheapens the emotional effect.    

So far Dean, Bobby and Castiel seem to be the only reliable characters. Everybody else follows Sera Gamble’s motto of ‘not being what they seem to be’. Samuel the supposedly loving grandfather of the Winchester brothers who took in a soulless Sam and embraced Dean with a hug, works for Crowley and doesn’t back down from using his grandsons to achieve his goal. They pale compared to the price which Crowley holds over his head. Just like Sam, Dean and John who didn’t care about the consequences of a resurrection, Samuel ignores the question  about Mary and what she would say about sending her sons to their death to bring her back to life.    

Sam’s escape was weird. First, I thought he had decided to drink his own blood to use his powers but then there was suddenly a bloody devil’s trap on the ceiling. How exactly did he manage to do it? Did he spit his blood onto the ceiling and jumped to draw it or am I underestimating gigantor’s height? Sam has acted weird all season, no wonder the boy has no soul and only uses his brain to act ‘normal’. You can’t trust a single word out of his mouth. When he was forced by the circumstances to tell the truth about his absent soul, he didn’t dwell  on the subject or got angry, he simply saw the advantage of not having to pretend any longer. Crowley and Castiel mentioned both that the return of his soul could have negative side effects, logically Sam decided to drop the act of wanting it back or simply changed his mind. It’s admirable how scheming and cunning the younger Winchester brother is this season. He makes plans which actually work and if they don’t, he adjusts and comes up with a new one. He knows that you can’t trust demons but he still works with Meg or Crowley because he plans to turn on them the second he doesn’t need them anymore. It also means Sam would double-cross Dean without a second thought if it gives him an advantage or if Dean becomes useless. Although Sam was back to the dark side in this episode - the way he threatened Castiel was scary - there was also a bit humor left in him. Using the plot of ‘Raiders’ to attract Castiel’s attention was hilarious. You can do no wrong with an Indiana Jones reference. I assume Castiel still needs the missing magical artifacts to defeat Raphael because he’s less powerful or because the stuff is too dangerous for humans. I like that the writers focused on Sam’s storyline and didn’t bother with more trinkets so far.    

Sam: Cas, we found something. It’s this gold box. Apparently Nazis were after it back in the day. Someone tried to open it and their face melted off. I think it’s the – ready for this – the Arc of the Covenant.
Castiel: I’m here Sam. Where’s the box?
Sam: I can’t believe you fell for that. That was the plot of Raiders, idiot.    

Next episode is the midseason finale and usually ‘Supernatural’ saves the big reveals or death scenes for this ocassion or the season finale. Last year, Jo and Ellen saved Sam and Dean with their self-sacrifice and Lucifer revealed that he can’t be killed by the Colt. I wonder which bomb the writers will drop this time. If they plan to give Sam his soul back it’s either in the following episode or at the end of the season. I could be completely wrong because season 6 is very different from the rest and makes it harder to predict what the writers will do next. But imagine waiting another eleven episodes for the real Sam to return. Then, no matter if ‘Supernatural’ gets renewed or not, the Winchester share a real hug after all this time and have a big chick flick moment, followed by the credits. It would be a sure way to end the season or the show with a bang. It would be a real torture to imagine what could happen next. Would they settle down, would season seven be about Sam and Dean hunting together? A real Supernatural cliffhanger.    

Castiel: Sam’s soul has been locked in the cage with Michael and Lucifer for more than a year. And they have nothing to do but take their frustrations out on him. Do you understand? If we try to force that mutilated thing down Sam’s gullet, we have no idea what will happen. It could be catastrophic.    

Castiel mentions that Sam’s soul could be severely damaged. If it’s true then I hope we don’t spend the second half of the season with healing Sam. The writers would have to use magic or spells because as much as I like Sam, watching a drooling mess for more than an episode becomes boring very fast. Immobility and complete insanity would make Sam’s character useless for the show. A mutilated soul would also put a very bad light on ‘Supernatural’s God character. It doesn’t matter so much if Chuck was God himself or only a prophet, at this point it’s pretty clear that she/he exists:     

I’d say it was a test for Sam and Dean. I think they did alright. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And well, isn’t that kind of the whole point?    

Sam’s soul getting torn to shreds in Lucifer’s cage would make Supernatural’s God a douche in my eyes. Sam and Dean pass the test and take care of his/her brats - Lucifer and Michael – and Sam’s soul pays the price for God’s passiveness. Angels don’t have free will, so he/she only had to tell Michael that he has a choice and Sam and Dean’s life would have been so much easier. God would be an even bigger hypocrite by bringing back Castiel but not doing anything for Sam. Sam and Dean might have passed God’s test but God would fail the Winchester loyalty or humanity test big time. In case God is not that heartless, she/he could have given Sam’s soul some kind of protection. Either by convincing Michael to protect him or by making his soul immune to their powers. I know one thing, if Sam’s soul is a mess, Dean should have a word with God! The younger Winchester would have had a better life or afterlife if he didn’t sacrificed himself. Sam would have gone to heaven or hell but both places are better than the cage. It will be interesting to see which road the writers will choose and how they will make it work. Of course, there is also the possibility that Sam and Adam share Lucifer’s anger and therefore, aren’t as badly damaged as if they were on their own but I doubt it. At this point, Adam is like Dean’s vanishing ring, a nagging plot hole in the back of my mind.    

There wasn’t a lot of gore in this episode but if you ask yourself where exactly Christian was cutting Meg than your imagination will definitely take you to a scary and gory place. Is there a specific rule for female demons being tortured nakedly? Dean tortured a fully clothed Alastair, Crowley didn’t undress the shape shifter and dream Alistair didn’t bother to take of Sam’s clothes when he started to cut and slice. So why did Ruby and Meg have to strip?    

My absolute favorite line of the episode is not from Sam, Dean or any major character but from one of Crowley’s nameless entourage:    

Demon: I’m sorry, I know you’re speaking, I see your lips moving, but I can’t understand what you’re saying cause I don’t speak ‘Little Bitch.’    


Minus points:    

-Meg kissing Castiel. It was clever from Meg to use a kiss to get Castiel’s angel sword but…ewww. Weren’t an angel and a demon riding in the backside or human and angel sex in the Impala awful enough, now demons and angels start to make out? Somebody hand me a knife, I want to gorge my eyes out.    

-Castiel watching porn and kissing Meg. No, nothing happened between Anna and Castiel, they were just friends. Cas didn’t sleep with the hooker in ‘Free to be you and me’ but he’s in an angelic Civil War, watches one porn flick and wants to kiss a demon? Sorry, I can’t follow this logic. He watched Anna kiss Dean and didn’t turn into a horn dog.    

Meg and Castiel Supernatural 6.10: Caged Heat Review

An angel and a demon getting some face time...


-Crowley’s death. No matter if Crowley was or wasn’t the king of hell. If he is dead or still got a trick up his sleeve, his death was very anti-climactic. Unexpected for sure but I think it was a mistake to kill him this easily and it was weird that Castiel found his bones so quickly. He was one of Supernatural’s best villains. Crowley was refreshingly different and amusing in his evilness. Now that he’s gone, all we got left on the demon side is Meg and her bitchy one-liners.  Meg 1.0 was still interesting and Ruby 1.0 was a useful exposition tool buf after that it went downhill, Ruby 2.0 was boring without a storyline and Meg 2.0 is just annoying. Too bad Sam and Dean didn’t kill her, now she will be back. I miss Lisa, Gwen, Ellen and Jo.    

gwen and lisa. 1024x530 Supernatural 6.10: Caged Heat Review

Ladies save us from bitchy demons!


-Purgatory.The king is dead, long live the king. I hope the demons-are-interested-in-purgatory storyline will not be dropped because of Crowley’s death. I don’t like it but I hate nothing more than writers introducing a plot line and then dropping it because they couldn’t make it fit into the overall story. E.g. I still remember the anti-Christ episode. Did the character have a purpose beside creating a cute Castiel action figure? I hope some demon becomes the next king of hell fast or if Crowley wasn’t working on his own,  his boss will tell us about the reasons behind the demonic purgatory plan.    

-No Adam…-the sequel. ‘Supernatural’ writers I beg you! Mention him at least once. Fabricate some ludicrous story about Adam’s soul being in heaven and Castiel telling the Winchesters. With every character mentioning Sam’s soul being alone with Lucifer and Michael, it’s getting more and more ridiculous. There is still Adam’s body and his soul, unless of course, you would bother to tell the audience that he is not in the cage for whatever reason!!    

Grade: B-    


All in all another solid episode. I had a few issues with it, e.g. demons and angels kissing or the death of Crowley, but unless I know what the writers want to do with the purgatory-alpha storyline and how they plan on getting Sam Winchester’s soul back into his meatsuit, it’s difficult to judge the reveals of this episode. Killing a fantastic villain like Crowley could be a vote of confidence of what is still to come or a cheap way to create drama. I can’t help but be skeptic because compared to one of Supernatural’s best villains Alastair in season four, Lucifer was a bore last year.    

Supernatural airs Friday, 9/8c pm on the CW.

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