Geek Peeks Top 5 Holiday Geek Gift Ideas

It is upon us once again, this all too cheery time of year when you must reach into your back pocket and break a $20 on those you love. Now while some people are all too easy to shop for, what do you get the geek in your life that has everything? Well here are five nerdy helpful holiday gift ideas from Geek Peeks.

5. Bliks Wall Graphics

Have you ever walked into your living room or kitchen and thought to yourself, “How can I geek this place out?” Well ponder no more! With Blik’s wall graphics you can turn any room or office into an 8-bit dream. Blik offers various wall decals to please your geeky heart including Megaman, Mario, Space Invaders, Asteroids, and others by various artists. The best thing about Blik’s wall decals is not only can they nerd up a room but they are easy to remove if you ever need to change them up. If your looking for a great gift for that nerdy someone head over to and order some of these awesome wall decals.

4. Scott Pilgrim Box Set

Bring a bit of epicness to your holidays with the Scott Pilgrim box set. This box set includes all six volumes of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s tale of a boy, a girl, and her seven evil exes in one nifty little slipcase. As an added bonus it comes with a poster exclusive to the box set. Already have all 6 books? No worries, the box and poster are sold separately as well.

Filled with love, loss, relatable characters, insane situations, and numerous video game and pop culture references, the Scott Pilgrim box set is the perfect gift for any nerd on your list.

3. Collector’s Edition Tron Controllers

Light up the holidays and your gaming with these Tron inspired controllers for PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 by PDP. Featuring light up blue LED accents and rubber grips these controls look amazing and are some of the best third party controllers on the market. You’ll think you were digitized into the grid just holding them in your hands. These controllers are great for collectors, Tron fans, and gamers alike.

2.Call of Duty: Black Ops

Already one of the biggest games of the year, Call of Duty: Black Ops makes a great gift for any gaming platform of your choice. While providing a great single player experience, the real addiction for this game lies in the multiplayer. Whether you like to run around and shoot other players online or you enjoy taking on wave after wave of zombies this game will provide you and your friends hours of gun toting fun.

1.Lost Complete Collection

Go back to the Island this holiday season with LOST: The Complete Collection. Loaded with hours of extras, collectibles, and an Island replica are just some of the reasons this is one of the best TV box sets on the market and a great gift. This ultimate box set including all six seasons of the amazing Sci-Fi drama LOST, in one of the most creative packages I’ve ever seen, is sure to make any geek’s holiday.

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