Zombie Blips by Niv #3: Merry Zombie to All!

NivIcon2 Zombie Blips by Niv #3: Merry Zombie to All!
After seven unlucky years in retail, Christmas is not exactly at the top of my “Favorite Holidays” list. The endless lines, the crowded parking lots, and let’s not forget the scary Santa’s you know have some sort of police record. So let’s admit the one reason we all really love Christmas… the alcoholic beverages! Oh and yes, presents.

I’ve been asked to stick to my task as lowly Geek Peek Zombie Expert and compile a list of awesomely grotesque zombie gifts that your special geek would gladly dismember someone over for!

11746 08673 zoom Zombie Blips by Niv #3: Merry Zombie to All!

First on my list is from the really cool Mcphee.com. If you ever wanted to get deep into the psyche of a zombie you have to get the What Would Zombie Do spinner. The site brags “classic spinner technology” as you spin your way through the exciting everyday life that is Zombie. You may be asked to drool, hunt the living, decompose, or the ever classic, eat some brains. Whether you love zombies or not, I’m sure this little gadget will put your IPad on the back burner and have you and your buddies entertained for about 5 minutes!

zombiecards1 Zombie Blips by Niv #3: Merry Zombie to All!

This next little gem comes from Octobertoys.com and I must say, it is quite awesome. If you’ve ever wondered what other bored-with-life-geeks are doing here is a set of cards that shows off some actual talent! The Series 1 Zombie Art Cards is a collection of work from geeks with actual talent! You can look at them, collect them, trade them, and look at them some more! Never-the-less, I’m sure these little cards will be at the bottom of your sock drawer in no time! But even if these cards aren’t enough to satisfy your ever wanting need for zombies you can check out more zombie stuff at http://www.octobertoys.com/zombie.

Also, in comes the glorious Thinkgeek.com! Now don’t let their motto “Stuff for the Smart Masses” fool you, there is plenty of stuff on this site for all of our GeekPeek followers! There’s just too much crazy zombie-crap here to name so I’ll only take 2 minutes out of my zombie movie marathon to name a few, (but seriously, I’m just lazy): the Zombie Protest shirt that’ will have you sharing your dislike of humans to every mortal in town! The Newly Undead Guide equipped with all the necessary tips and quips needed to moan your way straight through someone’s home!  A very cute Dismember Me Doll that’ll have you dominating your zombie skills in no time! A collection of deeply written from-the-bottom-of-my-cold-dead-heart Zombie Haiku that’ll send the perfect message to that cute blond chick you’ve been stalking all through high school!

Zcookiejar Zombie Blips by Niv #3: Merry Zombie to All!

Finally, my personal fave. The ONE thing I threatened my significant other over if he doesn’t have it under the tree by Christmas Day: the Zombie Cookie Jar. Oh yes, it does exist. If you’re a true zombie wanna-be you’ll be moaning your little heart right out for this finely crafted piece of brains and paint! The site brags that the “cookie jar is big enough to hold a small army’s worth of cookie rations” so I say, “No more eating out of auntie Rosy’s old sticky cookie jar”! It’s time for this girl to get her own!

I hope this little review of All-Things-Zombie stuff has been helpful GeekPeekers! If not, please send all complaints and threats to our fearless leader and lead editor, Francis Santos. And now, back to my zombie movie marathon. Hmm,I didn’t know zombies could gnaw that off…

About Niv

As one of the older and more mature members of the Geek Peek crew I am more inclined to admire the classics such as Pac Man, Batman the Animated Series, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wait… isn’t that s%#* still around?! Any who, my role at Geek Peeks is to lend a helping hand from time to time to our fabulous Zombie Blip section! I can be seen truly geeking out over anything Zombie and/or Apocalypse related but I still enjoy the occasional comic book and video game. I met most of the wonderful Geek Peeks crew “working” at a book store and just couldn’t shake them. I teach 10 year olds to read and count, but my true passion is to become a medic in the Apocalypse one day.