Blake Lively

Blake Lively Interested in Playing Star Sapphire

Blake Lively

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex at CinemaCon, Blake Lively dished about the upcoming Green Lantern movie and Carol Ferris’ relationship with Hal Jordan. What’s interesting is that she also mentioned that she would love to bring the character Star Sapphire to the big screen. If you follow the Green Lantern comics you know that Star Sapphire is a persona that embodies Carol Ferris and battles Green Lantern.

Here’s what she had to say:

It’s intimidating, because it’s a movie that has so much money and so many stakes — so many people are so invested in it. But what made me want the role that much more is that my character is a strong, militant, powerful woman who really challenges Hal. They’re rivals and are always butting heads. She comes in and says, ‘Men are weak too.’ It was just a really special female counterpart in a superhero film.

In this film, Carol is completely human and on earth. But she turns into a villain in the later comics, so potentially if it became a franchise I’d get to explore that, which would be so much fun. I would love that. What you don’t see [in this film] is when they’re kids. They’re each other’s first loves. Where the movie picks up, they’re ex-lovers. So there is that tension — that rivalry — but also that love. They’re each other’s soulmates.

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