Update on Ridley Scott’s Return to “Blade Runner”

With the news of Ridley Scott returning to “Blade Runner” there was lots of speculation as to what that might be and whether or not Harrison Ford would return. Now producer Andrew Kosove, who has secured the rights to the original film and the novel, spoke to 24 Frames over at LA Times to shed some light onto the development and how they pursued Scott.

“We had a few Plan Bs. But we were really focusing on Plan A, which was Ridley.”

Alcon Entertainment, the company Kosove works for, called Scott Free, both Ridley and his brother’s Tony production company, to see if Ridley Scott would sit down with them. The rights deal closed in March and Kosove and his partner, Broderick Johnson, flew to London to sit down with the famed director. Within that meeting a new approached was worked out on each level; how it can look as different as the original and how to avoid it looking like other films that have paid homage to the classic. A handshake deal was made and then the lawyers and agents went to work. Kosove goes on to say:

“Everything Ridley does as a filmmaker is fresh, I believe he sees an opportunity to create something that’s wholly original from the first ‘Blade Runner.'”

So when will we see this new interpretation? Kosove states the next step is to hire a writer for the script under Scott’s guidance and get the cast together. The earliest Kosove sees the film to go into principal photography is 2013, which might bring the film to theaters as early as 2014. So what kind of film is this going to be: sequel, prequel, remake or reboot? Could it even be a brand new take on the universe of the film, a sort of “inspired by” the way “Prometheus” has turned out to be in relation to “Alien”? That is still a mystery but one fact has been cleared by Kosove:

“In no way do I speak for Ridley Scott but if you’re asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.”

So if that is the case then the idea of a sequel is out the window. But with the wrath of purists no doubt aimed at the producers right now, Kosove states he is glad they were able to get Scott.

“When we made the first announcement there was a lot of skepticism, understandably. And now with Ridley coming back there’s a greater level of comfort and once we have the writer, I think fans will feel even more comfortable. We want people to know that we’re very serious about doing this in an artistic way. This isn’t just commercial fodder.”

All I can say is that I’m aware of the history of the film: Ford and Scott did not get along, and there are four versions available. All I can ask is that Scott blows my mind as he did with the first one and that there are no clashing egos on set.