Supernatural 7.02 “Hello, Cruel World” Review

And we’re back to square one… or in the case of ‘Hello, Cruel World’, a nearly Castiel-less episode trying to be entertaining and failing to impress. Whereas ‘Meet The New Boss’ was an emotion rollercoaster which left you wanting more, the second episode didn’t manage to resolve the cliffhanger in a satisfying way. If it weren’t for the great performances of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, he had more interesting scenes in the last two episodes than in the entire season 5, Jared Padalecki as Sam struggling with the concept of reality and Jensen Ackles as Lucifer pretending to be Dean; it would be a complete disappointment. But let’s focus on the good parts of ‘Hello, Cruel World’ before I get to the issues I have with this episode and there are plenty.

Hi, I’m Lucifer, you’re personal stalker

Mark Pellegrino’s return was a real surprise in the last episode, this week, he’s unexpectedly funny as Sam’s invisible ‘friend’, the innuendos are hilarious. He tries to win Sam over and make him believe that he is real and nudge him towards suicide. For a little while, he even appears as the older Winchester brother. At the end, Dean, the real one, manages to reveal and convince Sam that Lucifer is nothing but a hallucination; he starts to flicker similar to a ghost, but fortunately, promises to not go anywhere while Sam is on his way to a hospital. I hope the writers use this opportunity to get rid of some plot holes aka Adam aka why-does-nobody-talk-about-him-being-stuck-in-the-hole aka please-stop-ignoring-previous-storylines. It’s understandable that ‘Supernatural’ cannot show hell in all its glory, budget, and more of Sam and Adam’s torture but it’s perfectly reasonable for Lucifer, even as a hallucination in Sam’s head, to talk about it, especially now, when he doesn’t need to spend time anymore on the whole “I’m real” game.

The new Leviathans are better than Eve

Although the Leviathans introduced in this episode, are nameless, I’m gonna refer to them with their host names – Edgar, Anne and the doctor. They cannot keep up with Misha Collins’ performance but at least, aren’t as bad as last season’s Eve. Edgar-Leviathan’s calm and controlled way even starts to grow on you after second or third viewing or it’s only my imagination. The Leviathan who possesses a little girl and later a doctor, suggests that this creature also has the possibility to shapeshift which on second thought would open the opportunity to have Misha Collins return as boss Leviathan. I don’t even care if it makes sense; watching an interesting villain is reason enough for me to want him back. No offense to the actors portraying the characters in ‘Hello, Cruel World’ but nobody was as impressive as scary Leviathan-Castiel. I forgot to mention, as all proper demons and other monsters, this new purgatory creature, of course, has an über boss. Let’s hope he isn’t as disappointing as the mother of all monsters. I think if the whole Eve storyline wouldn’t have been such a disaster, or if only Samantha Smith could have played her from the beginning, I maybe could get excited about this season’s new monsters but instead I’m just worrying that they won’t find good enough actors to play them.

Sam, Dean, Bobby and no Cas…

It was interesting to see Sam and Lucifer interact. The younger Winchester brother not only has to find out if this world is real or if Lucifer is telling the truth and everything was only a clever way of torturing him. But he also must deal with his fear for the devil as his tormentor and constant stalker. Dean, as expected, pretends that he’s fine with Sam losing his mind and losing Castiel at the same day. Fortunately, we also get to see him crack a bit when it seems that Bobby might have died as well. Dean threatening to kill himself and Sam if he dares to be dead was appropriate for the situation. Bobby gets to play the hero in this episode and save Sheriff Jody Mills, who’s in a hospital for an appendectomy, unfortunately, with the Leviathan-doctor. One of the more emotional scenes is him telling Dean that he will be here whenever a certain Winchester decides not be OK call the older Winchester an idjit in the same breath. Castiel’s possessed vessel gets to sway for a bit, walk into a lake and then there was only a wet trench coat. I know it’s supposed to be a very emotional scene when Dean picks it up but seriously, this is a show with demons, angels and all kinds of crazy stuff, so seeing a trench coat isn’t enough to convince me that Castiel or Jimmy Novak’s body literally dissolved. Who says the boss Leviathan didn’t stay simply stay inside and took off with it?

Issues, issues… I have them…

  • Lucifer tortured Sam, so what’s up with poor Adam? Do we have to assume that Michael killed time by torturing the other Winchester brother and now that Sam is gone, both angels focus their attention on him? Dear ‘Supernatural’ writers fix your plot holes!
  • I suppose it does kind of maybe make sense that Castiel simply walks away because his vessel cannot contain all the Leviathans but this was one of the worst resolutions of a cliffhanger that I’ve ever seen. There was this great anticipation of what happens next after Levi-Cas promises to have ‘so much fun’ and then all he does is walk away and take a bath. Seriously, that’s all?
  • Does anybody worry about Bobby after seeing his burnt down house? Come on, writers. Do Ellen and the Roadhouse sound familiar? Another case of seen that, can’t really bring myself to care about it.
  • The Winchesters on their way to a hospital. Yawn! This would be a very emotional scene if I could worry about their survival, since this show killed both brothers numerous times; I don’t really care much. Unless the writers are willing to change the format of the show, road show aka brothers driving in a car or do a flash forward in time, I don’t see many impressive consequences of Dean breaking his leg at the end of episode and Sam being unconscious.
  • Bring back Leviathan-Castiel! As I feared, a change of vessels for the Leviathans was equal to less impressive characters. No matter if it was evil girl 3.0, average possessed guy or a monster loving to make awful jokes, none of these characters were as interesting or scary as the short moments with Leviathan-Cas.

All in all, the episode was not as disappointing as last season’s finale but I wish the writers hadn’t wasted such a great opportunity. The amazing cliffhanger of ‘Meet The New Boss’ could have been used as the start of something great instead this episode was a huge step downhill.

 Grade: C

‘Supernatural’ airs Friday, 9/8c pm on the CW.