Fringe: Producers Shot Two Final Scenes for the Fourth Season

The fate of Fringe is not yet known, but at least we can rest assured that whether or not it will be back or if this is the last season, we will have a proper ending. John Noble (Walter Bishop) spoke to TV Line and revealed that two final scenes were filmed- one that wraps up the series and one that leaves a storyline open for a fifth season.

The plots this season centered around Olivia’s foretold “death” and the mystery behind villain David Robert Jones’ (Jared Harris) actions. Noble also mentioned that Jones plays a big role in the story, but there is “something bigger.”

Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop) told TV Line:

The writers have given themselves a device by which we can tell a fifth-season story without having to leave this season’s story open. The door to the fifth season is opened in Episode 19 If you watch that, you’ll have an understanding of where they want to take the series.”

I’ll be bummed when Fringe does end, but hopefully it’s not this season! Do you think it’s Fringe’s final season?