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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks Black Widow’s Future Post-‘The Avengers’

During a recent interview with Movieline, Marvel studio executive Kevin Feige spoke a little about the upcoming superhero epic “The Avengers,” and about the future of certain Marvel characters, including Black Widow and Ant-Man. Check out some highlights from the interview below and let us know what you think.

On Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow getting her own film:

Well, I think you saw it in “The Avengers.” I think that’s one of the many amazing things Joss Whedon can do. I think people are going to be surprised by how powerful Scarlett is in this movie, and how evolved her role is. We have already planned her next appearances and where to take that character because we believe in it and we believe in her in a big, big way. When will there be a standalone? Both is what we’re heading toward. A lot of it is that we’re only going to make two movies a year, maybe sometimes it’ll be one movie a year like this year, maybe someday it’ll be three movies a year just depending on what comes together. But really, it’s two movies. So there’s kind of a backup on the runway right now in terms of when can something go. We do like when some of the characters appear in other people’s movies.

On Edgar Wright’s “Ant Man” film:

Well, we’ve been working on that movie for forever, it seems. I saw Edgar [Wright] again last night and what I’ve been saying because I believe it to be true is that it’s closer than it’s ever been before.

On “Iron Man 3” and the future of the franchise:

Tony very much goes back to his world and his life in California and quickly finds himself in a situation that removes him from any of the access to any of the characters and people he met in “The Avengers.” He has to do it all on his own.

On director’s being replaced in major franchises (i.e., “Iron Man” & “Thor”):

Sure, and the James Bond films — there are so many examples. There are no rules. There is no right or wrong, truthfully. You can have one filmmaker continue on through various movies and have them all be great, you can have one filmmaker continue on through a series of movies and have them decline, you can have new filmmakers come in and ruin everything, you can have new filmmakers come in and improve upon everything. So I don’t think there is any hard and fast rule to it. The way that we’ve been doing it is always matching a director to the material and the direction that Marvel sees these characters going in.