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Passionate about gaming?

Well Geek Peeks is looking for volunteer writers in the Games category. Want to voice your opinion about a lousy game? Rave about how great the Call of Duty franchise is? Here’s your chance. We are looking for contributors (possibly even staff writers) who are willing to volunteer some time to write on a subject they are passionate about. If you want to write about something of which you have very little idea about you need not apply.

Here are the current areas we are seeking writers for:

  • Games [ PC (Blizzard titles preferably), XBox, PS3 ]

Volunteers should have a good grasp on the English language. I should also say that we can’t accept just any game volunteers want to write about. The safe way to tell if it will likely be accepted or not is to ask yourself “Does what I’m writing about have some sort of fanboy/girl following?” if the answer is YES, it is probably a great idea, however I am flexible if you are REALLY geeked out by the game.

So if you are interested at all or have any questions you can email me: [email protected].

About the Author

I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in Journalism. I now do SEO work for an email company called Benchmark Email. I also founded www.GeekPeeks.com and am the Editor-in-Chief. I'm a full time gamer geek. Favorite games include World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, The Monkey Island Series and the Call of Duty Series. I am also constantly sleepy.