14 520x380 smallville logo With Smallville Ending, Whats Next For Superhero TV?
With Smallville about to enter its 10th and final season on September 24th there is already some talk from the president of the CW for a new show based on other DC Comics characters. No decision has been made yet but I have a few ideas for characters that might be cool to see on TV.

Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley, would be the first choice for many, his character being popular amongst Smallville fans. There has been some talk about a Green Arrow spin-off but nothing more than that. Other characters that can work would be The Question, a faceless detective who was the inspiration for Rorschach in Watchmen, who is quite paranoid and believes in conspiracy theories. His odd insight and humorous remarks would be a good mystery show that goes beyond the typical cop formula.

16 520x380 black canary and green arrow With Smallville Ending, Whats Next For Superhero TV?
Another character but highly unlikely could be The Martian Manhunter, last survivor from Mars and already on Smallville portrayed by Phil Morris. He’s an outsider and could provide a unique perspective on humanity because unlike Superman he did not grow up on Earth. This one would be unlikely due to his origin being similar to Superman’s and The CW probably wants to try something new.  Another, and this is if they stick to the comics, is a reboot of Birds of Prey. If you take away Huntress being Batman’s daughter and put in the tough Black Canary, this can be a show of strong and sexy dames taking on organized crime and meta-humans, aiding the never seen (but always felt) Batman. If the romance is minimized and the action is exciting, this incarnation of the show can be far superior than the previous one.

These are some characters I believe might work but of course its up to the powers that be. What do you think? What superhero would you like to have their own TV series?