Team Unicorn: Teaser Photos

teamunicorn1 Team Unicorn: Teaser Photos
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Be still your geeky hearts, the mysterious Team Unicorn has posted teaser images on their Facebook page. The team consists of beautiful actresses who are in fact geeks at heart! Does the name make sense to you now? Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley and Rileah Vanderbilt break out their uber geekiness in these images also featuring Clare’s husband Seth Green.

What the team is assembled for is supposed to be a mystery but if you follow their Twitter @teamunicornftw you’ll see their icon is a unicorn playing a guitar. This makes one guess they are a band! But we’ll rack that up under speculation for the time being, either way, too awesome.

Their first project will be unveiled next week so stay tuned! To have a look for yourself, visit the Team Unicorn Facebook page.

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