Episode II: Sam continues to act like an ice block and Dean is still part soccer mum but the good news is that the Impala is back. Fanboys and their “hell yes’” join fangirls and their “squees,” it’s a great day for all Supernatural fans! The tarp is finally gone and the metallicar is free once again to kick some ass!

Give two (CBS comedy) or three (1987 movie) men a kid and hilarity follows on its tiny footsteps. Honestly, I was expecting the worst. Supernatural has a track record with comedy going bad. It mostly depends on the writer of the episode if it will be comedy gold like “Bad Day At Black Rock” or American-Pie-idiocy see “Swap Meat.” The number one comedy writer is still Ben Edlund. Julie Siege, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin’s ill attempts at comedy in season five still horrify me. They are great at drama but their jokes are sometimes so obvious it hurts. A writer on “Two and a Half Men,” Adam Glass, also a Supernatural newbie, did a great job of balancing the comedy and the drama in the story. Not bad for his first episode; this guy is definitely a keeper. The scenes with Sam and Dean shopping for baby Bobby John and Samuel fighting with a computer were hilarious. One might wonder about Dean’s baby techniques – humming “Smoke on the Water” and using a few drops of alcohol to get him to sleep.

Isn’t the resemblance striking? Dean and Bobby John

Dean and the baby 300x213 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

Last week I was disappointed by the weak characterization of Lisa. Seems like a djinn was listening and I got my wish. (Do I have two more or was this a one-time deal?) The number of great scenes with Lisa downright exploded. Now we know that she works and isn’t pure plot decoration. I wonder what kind of job Lisa does for a living. Therapist? Nurse? Office? I hope this trend continues and we learn more about her character. Seeing Lisa handling a gun was impressive and reminded me of another great female hunter, Mary. Her confrontation with Dean was long overdue. As understanding as she was, at some time she needed to voice her opinion about the recent events and Dean’s behavior. You have to admire her that she wasn’t mad at Dean once, she only confronted him with the reality of having to start living their life again. Later it’s a real surprise to learn about Lisa’s decision. Sh sends Dean back to his hunter life but also tells him to come whenever he can. The only problem I got with these scenes is that part of her monologue felt fake, primarily created by the writers to ensure Lisa’s survival and Dean’s return to the road. A more lively discussion between the two would have been better. My favorite line of this episode was Lisa’s “No offense but if you don’t walk out that door I’m gonna shoot you.”

The final scene keeps my hope alive that she will be around a little while longer but at the same time I’m terrified. This is Supernatural after all and they love to kill characters. So far, Bobby and Castiel are the only ones with a permanent return ticket. The rest usually dies or vanishes into thin air. Remember Jo and Ellen? Bringing back characters on Supernatural is always a double-edged sword. Their return makes you happy and sad because you already know they will die soon. Do you think Ash has found Ellen and Jo in heaven by now?

One of the best parts about season 6 – Lisa

Lisa lisa lisa.....3 286x300 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

New episode, new Sam theory of the week: When Sam got out of the cage and Lucifer was ripped from his body and mind, part of Sam’s emotions stayed with the devil because they were too closely connected. Maybe living the life on the road together with Dean could slowly activate his emotion center again. The ice around Sam heart hasn’t melted yet. Even Samuel wonders about Sam’s cold behavior, proving that the shift in character must have something to do with his resurrection. At the end of the episode you even start to question how much you can trust Sam and start wondering if it was part of the plan to use the baby shape shifter as bait all along. But why did Sam insist on dragging Dean into this hunt in the first place? Did he fear the baby would die before the monster showed up? After all, he didn’t show much concern for the stolen babies in the beginning. If this is true, this doesn’t sound good for Sam and Dean’s relationship. Could the bromance be gone forever? (Just kidding.) There is a tiny ray of hope as well, Sam smiled and this time it was actually less creepy. So not everything can be lost.

Sam, the iceblock is slowly melting

.The iceblock is melting 270x300 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

There was more of the old Dean in this episode, especially since his typical funny one-liners made an appearance again:

-”A car should drive and not be a little bitch”
-”I’m betting you’re missing your ex right about now: the boring one”
-”We can’t actually drop it off at an orphanage, they might get upset when it turns Asian”

Ben and Dean seem to have a strong relationship otherwise I can’t explain why the kid chose to apologize instead of telling him that he isn’t his real father. Seeing the oldest Winchester brother acting like John – yelling and keeping his family in the house - I couldn’t imagine a worse nightmare for Dean. Luckily, he has Lisa who shows him that hunting doesn’t necessarily have to exclude having a family.  They can make their own choices. It’s interesting that Dean somehow follows in Sam’s footsteps by having a home base of his own now.

Dean is back

Dean is back 300x253 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

In the previous months, I started to get annoyed by Sera Gamble and the other Supernatural staff mentioning “mystery” and “twists” in every second sentence of their season six interviews. But now I have to admit “Mystery and Twists” fits as the theme of the season. Sorry, Sera!

This episode gives more clues about Samuel’s shady move of capturing the djinn. He obviously works for somebody and delivers monsters to him or her. At this moment, Crowley or a rogue angel are among my prime suspects, presumably because they could have something to do with Samuel’s resurrection. I believe that Grandpa Campbell knows all about it but you have to wonder if Sam is in on all this. It’s very unlikely since Samuel said “Before the boys come back,” plural, including Sam when he gave Christian the order to hide the djinn. But who knows, maybe Sam knows and is playing along. Dean’s “There’s just a little bit too much mystery in this family for me to get comfy” nails it perfectly. Something is up with this family and it’s nothing good.

Who is the mysterious caller?

the mysterious phone call 300x246 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!
The mystery about the episode’s monster – the shape shifter – was not bad. The little baby shifter was adorable, turning babies into cute innocent monsters was surprising for Supernatural. It’s usually the kids who are the creepiest villains on this show, (e.g. changelings, Lilith, ghost kids etc.)

What a cute little monster!

An adorable little baby in Supernatural 300x300 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

The alpha male is the leader of his pack or in this case he is on the run to spread his genes. I like the idea of monsters having an origin story and the “alpha” concept seems logical but I didn’t appreciate the “alpha shapeshifter” changing without any goo. His literal shifting of forms was visually far less impressive than the transformation of his weaker counterparts. Was there a specific reason why the he shifted every time he attacked someone? It was getting ridiculous. A clever shapeshifter would have used Sam’s form to attack Dean. I hope the typical monster background story will be worth more than a simple “it was the first of its kind” and done. One of Supernatural’s weaknesses is that they rely sometimes too heavy on simplicity. A more complicated approach would do wonders for a story or a character. Yes, I’m still bitter that the writers expected me to believe Ruby only because “she remembered to be human.” It didn’t exactly help that she repeated it over and over again like a broken record player. She didn’t bother to rephrase it. What kind of argument is that anyway? Serial killers know about their humanity too and they still kill people.

What’s for dinner? Shapeshifter goo.

Shapeshifter goo 300x159 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

As a bonus the most epic scene in Supernatural history; words cannot do it justice, you must watch it yourself:

Still think season 6 is a bad idea or could this scene swerve you to join the ‘optimistic’ side of the Force?
Responsible for the look of this scene is John F. Showalter, the director of season five’s “Dead men don’t wear plaid.” He did something similar in that episode – the camera moving towards Dean and the Impala. It’s one my favorite Impala shots. It seems that Showalter understands the love for the Impala or how do you otherwise explain the beauty of this scene? Be still, my beating heart. To move this scene from great to heart-pounding epic, the reintroduction of the most important character in Supernatural was set to Deep Purple’s ”Smoke on the Water.” I know Eric Kripke is a big Zeppelin fan and must have dreamed of using a song in the show but not me. I always wished for ”Smoke on the Water” or ”Black Betty.” One down, one to go.

Freedom at last

Freedom at last 300x130 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

Minus points:

-The recap. It’s definitely the end of an era. For five seasons the first two episodes had a Classic Rock recap but this time, nothing. No AC/DC, no Billy Squire. Instead we get annoying on-the-nose exposition. I’ve seen every episode of this show. I don’t need to be reminded that a shape-shifter sheds its skin. Duh! Seriously, it’s enough to mention the name; people have brains and the ability to use them.

-The Campbells.First, the only Campbell who didn’t annoy me dies. I will miss you Mark. It’s a cruel, cruel Supernatural world. I should stop bothering to notice anybody besides Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel. Second, what’s up with all the Dean hate in this family? The one who was tortured in hell and didn’t turn into a torturer himself may throw the first stone but the rest please shut up. Supernatural established that hell strips away your humanity. So tell me why is it surprising or condemning that hell can turn a hunter like Dean into a torturer? I never bought the whole ”John didn’t break in hell” crap in the first place. Either hell is a place where souls get torn to shreds (aka torture doesn’t end with death) or it is a ”boys club” for demons drinking tea and eating Club sandwiches. Dear writers, decide what it’s going to be and stop annoying me with this guilt trip stuff about hell.
The soon to be dead Mark Campbell 300x275 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

-Sam’s car. I hate it. No, I really do. It’s like watching ”Knight Rider” all over again. K.A.R.R. was cool but it was also evil and the show wasn’t big enough for two black cars. There is only one K.I.T.T. and only one Impala and that ”thing” Sam is driving needs to go. Pronto.

Its evil I tell you 300x126 Supernatural: 6.02 Two and a Half Men Review – The Return of the Impala!

All in all it was a solid episode. They added some humor after last week’s premiere but not too much to make it a full blown comedy episode. It wasn’t as intriguing or surprising as ”Exile on Main St.” but it was a nice mix. The highlight is the end scene and I can’t wait to see the Impala back on the road. I still haven’t given up on AC/DC, maybe ”Back in Black” in the next episode? I know it’s unlikely but shouldn’t Supernatural get a discount for using it more than once? I hope so, one AC/DC song per season isn’t too much to ask for, right?

Grade: B

‘Supernatural’ airs Friday, 9/8c pm on the CW.