Geek Speak: The Batman Saga in 2.5 Minutes

batman 199x300 Geek Speak: The Batman Saga in 2.5 MinutesWe here at Geek Peeks value silliness at all times. So much so that we inject it into every facet of our everyday geeky lives. Case in point: on Facebook, our own Bruno Cruz boasted that he “broke down the last 14 years worth of storyline in the Batman comics in less than five minutes” for his girlfriend.

To test him, I requested he leave me a five minute long voicemail message as proof of his abilities. Just a couple of days ago, I finally got myself a Google Voice number so I’ve been playing around with the voicemail service. Specifically the transcription feature.

Here is the result. Follow the Google transcription with Bruno’s sultry grosgrain voice.

Screen shot 2010 10 13 at 7.43.49 PM1 Geek Speak: The Batman Saga in 2.5 Minutes

Obviously, Google Voice fails horribly. I am sorely tempted to allow them to use Bruno to improve their transcription service, but I have yet to ask him that. No worries though; I did ask for his permission for this.

And thus, this column is born. Every month, we will display Bruno’s geeky prowess and test how well Google keeps up with him. We also invite you, our faithful visitors, to submit your own Geek Speak rants or comments by calling us at (415) 273-9523. Leave us a message and you just might be our next featured Geek Speak!

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