americanvampire American Vampire: Issues 1 5 Review
Sick of vampires? Yea…yea, I know… but listen up!

If the genre hasn’t been leveled to complete rubble for you yet, then there’s something you should pick up! The “American Vampire” series is written by Scott Snyder (Iron Man: Noir), and legendary horror novelist Stephen King (The Shining, The Stand). With distinctive, beautiful illustrations by Rafael Albuquerque, this is not the typical piece of popular vampire literature on the market today.

From the late 1800’s to the roaring 20’s, “American Vampire” explores ideas of new and different blood lines evolving in the new world. The story follows a cut throat outlaw from the old west dubbed Skinner Sweet in his endeavors and all those that cross his path. I’ve found Sweet to be the most interesting of all the characters, lucky for me because everything that happens revolves around him. He doesn’t seem to get as much page time as others, so I’m hoping that his role will become more prominent in future issues. The book is very much a revenge story, but there are hints of more complexity on the horizon. Balanced well between conversation and bloody action, this book will not bore you.

As of October 5, 2010 a hardbound collection of the first five issues has come out in stores. Although King has only been contracted to write for the first five issues, the story remains Snyder’s baby and still seems very promising.

So give “American Vampire” a shot. Blood? Cowboys? Flappers? What more could you need?