Geek Peeks Top 5: Howard Wolowitz Quotes From “The Big Bang Theory”

Wolowitz Geek Peeks Top 5: Howard Wolowitz Quotes From “The Big Bang Theory”

To celebrate this week’s new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” we thought we’d share with our fellow geeks our top 5 Howard Wolowitz quotes from the first three seasons. Feel free to comment on any quotes you think should have made the list. And you can check out our Top 5 Sheldon quotes as well.

#5. From The Barbarian Sublimation

Raj: What’s with him? (Pointing at Sheldon sleeping)

Leonard: Penny is keeping him up at night.

Wolowitz: Me too! But probably in a different way.

#4. From The Panty Piñata Polarization

Wolowitz: If it’s “creepy” to use the Internet, military satellites and robot aircraft to find a house full of gorgeous young models so I can drop in on them unexpected, then FINE, I’m “creepy.”

#3. From The Gothowitz Deviation

Wolowitz: They’re called tattoo sleeves… Put them on, have freaky sex with some freaky girl with her business pierced, take them off, and I can still be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

#2. From The Psychic Vortex

Wolowitz: I once dated a girl who believed she was abducted by aliens.

Leonard: And that didn’t bother you?

Wolowitz: Au contraire; it meant she was gullible and open to a little probing.

#1. From The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

Wolowitz: Penny, let me take this opportunity to point out that you are looking particularly ravishing today.

Penny: Not with a thousand condoms, Howard.

Wolowitz: So there IS a number.

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