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Compared to last year’s ‘Fallen Idols’, episode five of season six has an easy job of surpassing it’s predecessor. Over the years, Supernatural has done a lot of monster episodes - vampires, werewolves, tricksters, wendigos, shape shifters, ghosts and demons. In season four and five, demons and angels were dominant to the apocalypse storyline. Since one season six themes is the return of monsters and friend, it’s time for the comeback of another old monster friend.

The vampires are back and it looks like a killer return. Dean gets turned into vampire and he looks fierce but that’s not even the best part. Supernatural is doing another one of it’s great meta episodes – e.g. ’The monster at the end of the book’, ‘Changing Channels’ -, this time the topic is not TV shows or Supernatural and its fans but it’s all about vampire shows and movies. The most obvious candidate is of course, ‘Twilight’. The title ‘Live Long or Twi-hard’ alone promises some hilarious jokes from Dean. Let’s hope the writers were able to throw in a couple of Buffy, True Blood and Vampire Diaries references as well.

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The official CW description of episode 6.05 Live Free or Twihard

After a group of young girls go missing, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize that a group of vampires have taken up residence in the small town. After a fight with two of the blood-suckers, Dean is bitten and turns into a vampire. Samuel (guest star Mitch Pileggi) tells Dean he can change him back but he’d have to get the blood of the vampire who turned him. Dean infiltrates the nest and runs into the Alpha. Jan Eliasburg directed the episode written by Brett Matthews.

And as a special bonus – My favorite Supernatural/Twilight crossover:

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