superman jimlee Supermans Enduring Relevancy

He was the first superhero in comics. One year after his debut came Batman, and a couple of years after that came the first team of heroes and so on. When Marvel debuted, it could be said that Superman’s influence was clear in the new organization’s characters. Simply put, there would not have been heroes as we know them now if not for the Last Son of Krypton.

In recent years the question has come up, how is Superman relatable? How does he fit into the 21th Century?

It is not Superman that we relate to but Clark Kent, who is the true character. Regardless of what was stated in “Kill Bill 2,” Clark is not a mockery of humanity but rather what humanity is capable of when it tries. It’s easy to say there is no threat to him but has anyone considered why Clark is not corrupted by the power he wields? Simple, it comes down to the morals with which he was raised: To respect, to understand, to help when it’s needed, to fight, and to never give up on anyone. Morals to which anyone may aspire. These are the principles Clark stands by.

So how does one relate? In each of our lives we have the power to make someone smile, cry, or seethe. Some know how to manipulate and some try to help while others kill. These may not be quite like catching bullets or flying, but in a small way it is power we all have.

Today, it’s easy to be cynical; anything that could inspire hope is meaningless. Like many I look toward what is easy, to focus on the darker side of things. Why? Because it’s easy. Clark knows what is easy but chooses not to. Each decision leads down a road and we all know what that’s like. The real question is, do we do what’s easy or try to reach our true potential?

Simply put, Superman is us, good and bad. Things are not easy for him but he tries as we do.