Smallville 10.05: Isis

isis Smallville 10.05: Isis

After six years, the relationship between Lois and Clark has reached a point that took the comics 60-odd years to reach. More on that later.

So with “Isis,” we get a mixture of humor and heart: Lois rehearsing how she is going to tell Clark she knows his secret, Clark deciding to tell his secret. Oliver has to deal with becoming a caricature of himself and Tess embraces her role as a “mother.” The myth of Isis and Osiris that was introduced in the second episode ,”Shield,” returns along with Cat Grant.

There are some nice moments of bickering between Cat and Lois that puts Clark in the middle of things and at times playing peace keeper. Both women have opposing views on the superheroes and both try to have Clark back them up. These scenes are excellent examples of the comedic abilities the actors have shown in the past; it was nice to see them exercised again.

Lois becomes possessed by the spirit of Isis, whom Carther Hall/Hawkman told her about in “Shield.” Isis must resurrect her dead love, Osiris, and she selects Clark as the perfect candidate to return Osiris to life. Not only that; doing so would raise the army that inhabits the underworld. One thing that I have noticed is the producers have no trouble having Erica Durance, Lois, dress up in some sexy outfits that do not hide how amazing she looks. I’m not complaining about that but this episode takes the cake with her Isis getup. Of course it was one she was going to wear to an event that exhibited the artifacts the Isis necklace was with. While Lois is possessed, Clark and Oliver come to the conclusion that neither of them know anything about Egyptian mythology or how to stop Isis so they reluctantly turn to Tess, who has a vast amount of information available to her thanks to Lex’s archeological excavations. It is she who discovers how to stop Isis and passes that knowledge on to Clark. After the defeat, Oliver and Clark offer Tess the opportunity to run Watchtower, the hub where all the heroes connect to work together. Tess is surprised by this in such a way that she cries, unused to both of them placing that much trust on her. Cassidy Freeman gives such a moving performance as Tess in this scene.

Along with humor came the subject of love. Tess is the focal point here. She had taken in a clone of Lex Luthor, who is a child in the season premiere. She has him tested and watched over by doctors, trying to determine if his rapid growth is a warning that he might be unstable. What that means we don’t know. What we do know is that after she is accepted by Oliver and Clark, earning their trust, she is moved to keep the young boy, called Alexander, against a doctors advice. She reads to him, as she reads she tears at the idea of loving the boy as her own, to perhaps change things and give this version of Lex something the original didn’t, true parental love.

Isis touches on love throughout the episode too: what a person would do for true love and what the consequences can be when all inhibitions are gone. I must note there is no mention of the dark force or Clark’s destiny. It was a fun episode and I’m glad to have seen the trust placed in Tess, who has worked hard to earn it.

And finally yes, Clark tells Lois he is the Blur; she jumps up and kisses him, asking what took him so long to tell her. Six years in the making and I’m sure it’s what readers felt when Clark told her in the comics.

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