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So could you handle the truth of Supernatural episode 6 or not? For me, it was a ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  I already suspected that Sam was incapable of feeling anything but I wasn’t prepared for the episode to be so heartbreaking and painful. During most scenes I had a lump in my throat and very teary eyes. After everything the brothers went through, it simply hurt to see Sam and Dean this way. The writers certainly did their best to make you long for the past, maybe even try and seek comfort in going back and watching ‘Tall Tales’ to make sure you didn’t imagine the awesome bond between the brothers in the first place. trans Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review

Dean to the rescue Always making sure a woman gets the attention she wants 300x222 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review
Dean to the rescue! Making sure a woman gets the attention she wants!

I always was a bit disappointed that the writers never let Sam turn truly-and-beyond-redemption evil, it’s the reason why ‘Born under a Bad Sign’ is still my favorite Sam episode. They teased for three seasons that he was different and had a potentially dark side in him and in the end he was just a ‘vessel’ and not Darth Vader himself. Don’t get me wrong, I loved how Eric Kripke resolved his story arc in ‘Swan Song’ but there was always a longing for the drama caused by Sam turning and leaving Dean no choice but to help Sam by killing him. Heartbreak guarantee! So with Sam behaving like a zombie from the underworld, it certainly feels like I got my wish. Thank you, fairy godmother Sera Gamble!  Underneath everything Sam does and says lays a seizable falseness this season. E.g. Sam’s smiles give me the creeps. With the truth Goddess ‘Veritas’ paying her respects this week, I expected him to spill as soon as Dean was cursed but to my pleasant surprise Sam managed to stay the freaking liar who lies until the end. I suspected that the summoning box protected him in some way but it makes sense that you have to be a complete human in order for a spell to work. It was so obvious that he was still lying but it made Dean’s struggle between relief and shame of being wrong even more heartbreaking to watch and when Sam finally confessed of having no emotions, knowing he was supposed to feel something but couldn’t, Dean’s reaction was brutal, honest and desperate. But it wouldn’t have been as powerful if Jared Padelecki hadn’t played the unemotional robot so perfectly.  I’m really impressed with Jared ’s performance so far this season. His Sam who doesn’t behave like the pre-cage version at all is so creepy, it’s a delight. After ‘Live free or twihard’, I watched ‘Fresh Blood’, another great vampire episode by the late Kim Manners, and the difference is shocking. The scene where Sam asks Dean to ‘just be his brother again’ had me in tears when I thought about Sam letting Dean get turned into a vampire in the previous episode.

Dont lie to Sam or he will eat you 300x269 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review
Don’t lie to Sam or he will eat you!

I don’t know how Jensen Ackles does it but seeing the older Winchester brother heartbroken is always a guarantee for my tear ducts doing overtime. First, he kills it when Sam successfully lies to him and Dean doesn’t know if he should be relieved that Sam seems to be normal or ashamed for thinking his brother was a doppelganger. Later, it’s the feelings you can see all over his face when Lisa starts telling him the truth that gets you and then, when Sam confesses the ugly truth and he snaps, I certainly had trouble holding back the tears. The reveal that Sam knows he’s not supposed to use his brother as bait but simply lacks the emotion to overcome this logic, is clearly too much for Dean.  The fight, only  with reversed roles, resembles the brutal pounding in ‘Swan Song’. It’s not about revenge for Dean but more an expression of his absolute helplessness in the situation. He let Sam sacrifice himself to save the world, then his brother is back but everything Dean got is a shallow shell and on top of it, he lost Lisa and Ben due to Sam’s decision of letting him get turned. The absolute desperation in his face in the final scene, is a sign Jensen’s phenomenal acting. I say it again and gain,  why the Emmys keep ignoring Jensen Ackles and John Noble (Fringe) is beyond me. Their performances are exceptionally. Sure, they are on genre show but it’s no secret that working on a sci-fi, mystery or fantasy show is considerable harder than just a normal Tv show. They deliver drama, comedy and action and still they somehow end up being ignored. I still don’t see how anything what Matthew Fox did in ‘Lost’ came even close to John Noble and Jensen Ackles’ acting last year. I hope they get at least nominated this season.

The truth can hurt you 1024x280 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: ReviewThe truth can be very very painful!

Supernatural director Jan Eliasberg is definitely a keeper. After six seasons, it’s not easy to do your first episode and make fans uncomfortable – there have been a lot of blood and body parts on this show – but the dentist scene was easily one of the ‘Top Ten Grossest Supernatural Moments’. Cringe worthy and a nightmare for anybody who has a dentist appointment in the near future. I was right when I suspected that the CW mixed up the names of Rod Hardy and Jan Eliasberg in the official episode description. But there is also a reason  ‘You can’t Handle the Truth’ is a little milestone for ‘Supernatural’. I got 2 acquaintances named Jan, both male, so I assumed Jan Eliasberg was a man. I completely forgot that it can be a female name as well and so ‘Supernatural’  finally has its first female director ever. It only took 110 episodes for it to happen but better late than never right? [ EDIT: Sounds like a great story doesn't it? But it's wrong. Fellow Supernatural fan Alysha was so nice to point out that the honor of being the 1st woman to direct an episode of 'Supernatural' belongs to Rachel Talalay who was responsible for 'Hunted' in season 2. So it's only 32 episodes for the 1st and 78 2nd for the second female director? Wanna bet how long until the third woman will show in the Supernatural director's chair? ]

People have reason for being scared of a dentist 300x253 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review
People have a reason for being scared of the dentist!

Script supervisor and credited for the story idea of ‘Hammer of the Gods’, David Reed, did a much better job with ‘You can’t handle the truth’ than with the God debacle in season five.  There are so many plot holes in the script, it’s like a Swiss cheese. New writers Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder follow this season’s trend of new additions delivering impressive first episodes. So far Jensen Ackles, Rod Hardy and Jan Eliasberg were all great examples of directors finding an interesting, fresh angle to ‘Supernatural’. The writers managed to write Sam and Dean as if they have written for the show for years. My only nitpick was Adam Glass’ slip when Sam said that silver works on ghouls, otherwise him, Brett Matthews and writing duo Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder did a fantastic job. If the quality of the episodes continues, season six could easily become my favorite since I have yet to watch an episode which I dislike. I was bored by 6.03 ‘The third men’ but I blame its flaws largely due to episode length and not due to weakness of story as e.g. Fallen Idols, Swap Meat, Sam, Interrupted and Hammer of the Gods from last season.

Veritas expects to be told the truth and nothing but the truth 215x300 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review
Veritas expects to be told the truth and nothing but the truth!

Veritas, the roman truth Goddess, played a surprisingly little role in this episode. Her costume looked great and I really didn’t expect the body from a previous promo to be leftover food from Ms. God but to be some creature.  The special effect when they killed her looked good as well. The catlike light blue eyes and face were a nice touch of the original mythology.  It was a simple but effective solution to invoke the curse by asking for the truth. So the random meeting of the stranger, who ends up being the villain of the week, wasn’t necessary. The deception with Gabriel’s horn of truth was clever; I also appreciated how the writers tried to hint that Sam might be somebody else, a doppelganger of some kind. It put Dean and the audience in the same boat, wishing it to be true, so that the real Sam was still out there without being responsible for last week’s events since the alternative guaranteed to leave you with Dean’s desperate and heartbroken face.

Dont disturb when Im about to eat my dinner 300x293 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review
Don’t disturb when I’m having dinner!

Minus points:

-The promo destroyed my ‘happy place’: Normally the promo for the next week would have nothing to do with how I feel about an episode but after the shocking events of the last five minutes of ‘You can’t handle the truth’ I was furious finding out twenty seconds later why Sam’s feelings are missing, this was like the biggest cop out ever. What’s the point of creating tension , making me want to see how it continues, when a promo ruins the big reveal? Promos and trailers are supposed to tease you and make you more excited and not spoil a vital point of the storyline. So shame on you whoever decided it was a good idea to make a promo called ‘A man without a soul is no man’. MAJOR SPOILER – highlight to read!

whats your happy place 300x140 Supernatural 6.06 You Cant Handle The Truth: Review

-Lisa saying ‘Goodbye to Dean’. During the previous five episodes many skeptic fans came around and accepted Lisa and her story potential. Not everybody but especially after her decision to send Dean back hunting, she definitely won a few more fans. I was not fooled to believe she and Ben would be around forever but six episodes and the threat of never seeing them again is more than weak. It’s really hard to judge if Lisa will have a change of heart since Sera Gamble has such a different way to handle story lines than Kripke. But it would be interesting to see how Dean and Lisa try to come back together, facing the consequences of Dean attacking Ben and Lisa slamming him with the most hurtful truths. They would certainly have to talk about Dean’s habit of trying to protect everybody from the truth, had he tried to explained the situation, I’m sure Lisa would have reacted differently. Because it’s the season of twists and turns, I hope it was only a turn in their relationship and not the end.

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Grade: A

The critique at the promo is not the writers or directors fault, so it’s not a reason for a lower grade of the episode; the same is true for Lisa’s decision. It was logical that she would confront Dean about his behavior and since it was all about the truth, negative thoughts about her relationship were bound to come to the surface. She was simply too supporting and nice to be real, she must have had hidden doubts and now we know them. Because the episode was convincing in all its dramatic scenes, I’m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and believe that they’re not yet finished with the Lisa chapter and give it another solid A.

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