Geek Peeks Top 5: Reasons You Should Watch Fringe

Fringe is one of those shows that is on the bubble but definitely should not be. Being up against Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and The Office doesn’t help the situation either. However you must trust me when I say Fringe is one of the smartest and most entertaining shows on TV today. Here are the top five reasons to watch Fringe.

#5. Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham
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Anna Torv is not only quite the good looker, she is also an incredible actress. She plays the main role of FBI Agent Olivia Dunham who is thrown to the wolves, having to lead a team to solve cases involving Fringe science. Trust me, these are not your typical murder/bank robbery cases. She plays a very strong female character who holds her own in the freakiest of situations and dealing with the most unstable partners all in her quest for answers.

#4. The Fringe Family Dynamic
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Talk about dysfunctional families. The Fringe crew consists of Olivia Dunham, the genius Walter Bishop, his son Peter Bishop, FBI intern Astrid and Gene, the cow. Yes a cow. This is not to mention FBI lead Phillip Broyles and a few other characters. The core of the Fringe family is centered around Walter Bishop’s Harvard lab and those who are frequently there interacting with him while he dissects bodies or runs tests to discover the answer to the latest mystery. The chemistry between these four characters is so quirky and supportive that you immediately get the feeling that these people are more than just co-workers, these people need each other. You can say Olivia and Peter play mother and father to Walter, who always seems like a kid in a candy store. Astrid is the cousin who comes over and plays with Walter to make sure he’s not getting into trouble while the parents are away, and of course Gene is the family pet.

#3. The Results of Fringe Science
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I can see why Fringe is compared to The X-Files so often. The X-Files really broke some barriers when it came to popular science fiction television. It’s shows like The X-Files, Star Trek and Firefly that paved the way for shows like Fringe to be so popular. Each of those shows had great story arcs and a theme that the writers remained true to til the end of the series (Yes this includes Firefly even if it only lasted one season). Fringe is all about science that is on the very cutting edge of anything we could ever imagine was possible. Walking through walls, mind control, time travel, people turning to dust and diseases that we’ve never heard of, I can go on and on. I say things like walking through walls or time travel and the first thing that you want to do is suspend your disbelief. What this show does is take that away, and makes you believe these things can really happen. Quite a feat.

#2. John Noble as Walter Bishop
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You all may know John Noble as the man who played Denethor, the Steward of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings. I know him as the perpetually drugged out, unstable, child-like yet beyond intelligent mad scientist, Walter Bishop. There’s a man stuck in a wall you say? A baby aged from zero to grandpa in a day? You found a man with a face in his stomach? No problem, Walter’s on the job. “We must take him back to my lab,” as he would say. The way Walter plays both the perpetrator and victim, parent and child is just amazing to watch, and is a testament to the great John Noble’s acting.

#1. Alternate Universes
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Yes friends, alternate universes do come into play on this fantastic show. Although I won’t be spoiling anything for you about how it works or how it comes into the story, I can assure you it is the most creative and engaging storyline I’ve seen since Lost ended (sigh). Ask yourself “When was the last time I watched or read a great alternate universe storyline?” If your answer is “Oh, just recently,” then you are a liar sir, or lady. I can honestly say I have never heard of a great alternate universe story, and that surprised me very much. Either I am missing a huge one, or there are none, you tell me readers!

If you want to give Fringe a shot, start watching Thursday nights at 9pm. Yes, it airs the same time as Grey’s Anatomy, and if you actually griped about that, then I don’t want to be your friend.. Unless you make the switch!

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