Smallville 10.06: Harvest

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Nature vs. Nurture, that seems to always be the debate when it comes to humanity. Are we who we are because of how we were raised or because of what nature intended for us? In “Harvest” the writers take a look at that question and give us a specific answer.

In this episode Lois and Clark discover their relationship now that his secret being out in the open. She asks him questions in regards to past events and he answers. In short she states that she has faith in him.
After getting a flat tire and returning Clark finds that Lois is gone, worried he convinces a deputy who drove by to help look for her. They walk off into the hills, following tracks Clark thinks belong to the little Amish girl they both encountered. Here come religious fanatics who believe the blue meteor shower helps their crops with good water and health and also killed the town leaders eldest daughter as an act of God. Blue meteor rocks/kryptonite take Clark’s powers away but do not kill him.

So while in the village it’s revealed that the town folk plan to sacrifice Lois for another year of good crops. They believe Clark is dead and plan to kill Lois by dosing her with blue meteor rock that is on fire. While buried Clark regains some of his healing ability, crawls out, to the shock of the town and manages to protect Lois by putting himself over her and taking the flames. This is much like the Max Fleischer Superman cartoon “The Mechanical Monsters” where Superman uses his body and cape to protect Lois from lava. As the town witnesses this, Lois goes into a tirade about how Clark is a messenger of God and use his abilities to bring wrath upon them, playing towards their fears. They speed out of there and the law comes down on them.

Tess is doing her best to raise Alexander with love and compassion in order to erase what Lex was when he was alive. While she plays mother, she has a team of doctors try to find a cure for his degenerating body in order to save his life. Tess discovers that Alexander has dreams of Clark, knows about Clark and anyones history that Lex had come into contact with. No matter how much Tess tries to give Alexander what Lex didn’t have as a child, he reverted back to what the original genetic template was, to who Lex had grown into.

The writers tackled the Nature vs. Nurture and gave us an answer, nature will overcome nurture but that is only if a person gives in to those impulses. At least when it comes to Lex Luthor. It was always a given he would turn into the villain we know him as, but there were times that might not have been the case, when Clark would have brought him out of the darkness. As an episode, not the strongest when it came to Lois and Clark but I was impressed with the storyline of Tess and Alexander and surprised at the performance Connor Stanhope gave as Alexander/Lex. He even got Michael Rosenbaum’s smirk down.

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