The Walking Dead 1.02: Guts

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In The Walking Dead Episode 2 “Guts”, we see Rick in a tank on the streets of Atlanta with a swarm of zombies trying to get at him. While inside Rick comes across a young boy named Glenn. With his aide over the radio in the tank Rick meets up with him and they both make it to a department store where there are more survivors. The zombies are made aware of the hiding place and begin trying to get into the store. With a plan that involves being covered in blood and guts, Rick and Glenn manage to get some vehicles and the group escapes the city. They head towards the group outside where Rick’s wife and son are with Shane, Rick’s former partner. He advises the people not to help the others who they heard over the radio. It’s also revealed Shane is involved intimately with Rick’s wife, Lori.

The second episode usually sets the standard of the show. In the premiere we meet the protagonist, the second episode moves the story along. There was no disappointment here. Rick is stepping up as a defacto leader when it comes to intense situations. He is learning quickly and changing the way he would approach a problem. One of the survivors is quick to want to kill Rick for bringing the walkers to their hiding spot, one is a racist and one is a scavenger. Glenn was an interesting character in the comics as someone who is fast and resourceful when it comes to gathering supplies. Here he does that, always looking at the glass as half full. We also meet a racist survivor by the name of Merle Dixon that tries to take control of the group only to have Rick handcuff him to a pipe on the roof. When the group leaves the department store I felt no sympathy for him when he was left behind. Neither of the characters seemed to show any either.

The part I felt was genius involved Rick and Glenn covering themselves in the blood and guts of a walker in order to cover their smell so they could get some vehicles to escape the city. It takes some sort of weird courage to cover oneself in guts and move through an undead crowd to get cars. Making the noise of a zombie was a nice touch. What I have noticed in the two episodes is that the zombies are aware, they can work doors, carry rocks to smash windows and if something seems off to them they are curious about it, like when Glenn was whispering while walking through the crowd of zombies. Good episode, and if you haven’t heard, The Walking Dead has already been picked up for a 13 episode second season!

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