Smallville 10.07: Ambush

322 580x380 smallville ambush Smallville 10.07: Ambush

Thanksgiving comes to the Kent farm along with that comes Lois’ father, General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside) and her sister, Lucy Lane (Peyton List) in Smallville’s latest episode “Ambush”.

Who else comes to Smallville? None other than Rick Flagg and the Suicide Squad who are tracking the general, but for what means? It turns out that General Lane is pushing for a vigilante registration law and Flagg does not want the law to pass because it would restrict his activities working with super powered beings. Assassination is the means to achieve his goal. Meanwhile, Tess and Oliver reach a point where he can trust her with running Watchtower, easing his hostile behavior towards her. The team also discovers the tracking tattoos Flagg tagged each of the heroes with.

What was fun about this episode? Easy, General Lane questions Clark about his intentions, providing a list of chores for him to finish and pretty much doing what a military man would do to determine if the man dating his daughter is worthy. Ironside has a history of playing intimidating characters throughout his career and it was funny to watch him do this to Clark all the while Clark encouraging Lois to stand up to him when it comes to what she believes in. Eventually it takes a life or death situation for the general to see that not all heroes are threats, that maybe The Blur has a code of ethics.

While this is going on Lucy tries to sabotage Lois and Clark’s relationship just to gain some odd favor with their father. What I never did like about Lucy in this incarnation was that she blindly followed her father so that he would like her better than Lois. This behavior resulted in a strain relationship with Lois. Again, the life or death situation makes each family member take a look at how things have gone and show some signs to change.

Overall it was a nice change of destiny and impending darkness. My favorite part was when Clark and General Lane come to terms about the relationship. The general admits he needed to hear certain things about his relationship with Lois, that he admired Clark for standing up to him. Lois couldn’t have chosen a better man. The list of chores were a way for him to test Lois, not her boyfriend, Lois stood up for Clark, she never did for any other boyfriend because she never loved them. Comforted with the idea, Clark procedes to ask the general a question. It’s not shown but usually “a question” means asking for Lois’ hand in marriage. Too soon? Maybe, but hey, it’s the last season.

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