Zombie Blips by Niv #1

325 128x128 nivicon Zombie Blips by Niv #1 It’s come to my attention in the last few years or so that our friendly neighborhood zombie has exploded into an unstoppable, unmatchable, undead superstar. With the reincarnation of The Zombie through the Resident Evil franchise, the 28 Days Later Movies, those crappy new Romero movies, (yeah, I said it) and that kick-ass Walking Dead comic book series, a whole new generation has been able to witness the rebooting of a very distinct element of the horror genre.

I’m sure most Geek Peeks readers enjoy discussing the dead as much as I do and I’m sure all of them have their very own handy Zombie Apocalypse escape plans ready, thoroughly discussed, fantasized, and maybe even practiced, (you hardcore apocalypse lovers you), with their loved ones.

I’m sure, that there’s something alluring about the idea of human civilization coming to an end and enjoying a mayhem filled coexistence with our undead cousin. Fun fact: Every alcohol-induced soiree I attend ends with a vivid reenactment of “What would you do if zombies came today?”  I’m all for it if hot showers and Mexican food are still available.

I’ve been given the chance to banter on about my love for the Zombie and I can’t wait to hear any banter you may have in return. I hope to start my little blip on Geek Peeks by touching upon the origination of such a cool idea of a mindless, walking corpse. Romero is definitely on my list, “Dawn of the Dead” anyone? I’m SURE the debate of whether or not if the new stronger, faster, “smarter” zombie is truly a Zombie will arise but we’ll get to that soon icon wink Zombie Blips by Niv #1

Thanks for wasting a few minutes of your time on my little corner of the Geek Peeks world. Now get back to more important things like that interweb thing.

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