Why I Still Care About Harry Potter Part Five: Order of The Phoenix

In this fifth installment, Harry is now 15 and he is angry, confused, and afraid of becoming Voldemort. He has a feeling that the similarities they share will corrupt him as he gets older. But not so: it is their beliefs that separate them. Voldemort covets power above everything else. So what does Harry believe in? What can he look forward to when his friends are hesitant to be around his temper and the wizarding public consider him a liar?

Harry goes through a number of things before realizing what it is he truly believes in. He is tested when he begins to get glimpses of Voldemort’s sinister thoughts, revealing a troubling connection between the minds of Harry and the one who wishes to kill him. When the Ministry interferes with the school, Harry spends time training to fight the Dark Arts and teaching his friends how to defend themselves. But what affects him most of all is when he witnesses Sirius’ death at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry finally succumbs to his anger as he tries to kill Bellatrix, and in that moment of vulnerability Voldemort invades his mind. He tries to break his spirit with images of Harry being alone, angry, and persecuted. At this defining moment, Harry begins to recall every happy moment in his life: memories with his friends, thoughts of his parents, and everything that has come to define him. This is what Harry believes in and will fight for: love.

Its a psychological fight between Harry and Voldemort, two battling philosophies clashing together. It is Harry who manages to overcome his own fears and doubts, and we realize that the power of love is stronger than hate or fear. And for Harry, it is strong enough to repel Voldemort. Even after everything he has been through, he feels sorry for Voldemort because he has never felt any love in his life. It is a huge step for Harry to take, to recognize that underneath everything that Voldemort projects to the world, he is just a lonely boy that didn’t have the easiest upbringing. When Voldemort loses the fight and realizes that Harry is stronger than he thought, he disappears once again, until his next attempt to return to power.

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