Why I Still Care About Harry Potter Part Four: Goblet of Fire

There comes a time when a person is affected by death and for some unfortunate few they are witness to it. Harry is one of those, not only once but twice. The Goblet of Fire pits Harry against older students in a contest designed to test the students’ bodies and minds in life or death situations. During the last challenge Harry and Cedric Diggory are transported to a graveyard where Voldemort has Cedric killed and performs a spell to regain a full body. Harry and Voldemort’s first fight takes place only to be cut short by the bond of their twin wands. There is a moment in this scene that always gets to me. It’s when the twin wands of Harry and Voldemort connect and create an effect in which the spirits of Voldemort’s victims appear, including Harry’s parents. It is the defining moment of this film, Harry gets to see his parents, though not for long. Along with the other spirits they distract Voldemort and his minions long enough for Harry to get away.

In that small moment I felt what Harry felt, the joy in seeing someone important that is now gone. Strangely enough we can see that Harry feels safe; that for a second everything in the world will be okay. Then it’s gone, he has to run to save his life, to take back Cedric’s body, to live with what he witnessed, to fight another day. Is it fair to have seen that? No, but it gives him the strength to go on and fight. Harry chose to face Voldemort and fight the monster who has killed many people, including his only family. Did he believe he would survive? We don’t know but he looked death in the face, something not many would do.

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