Why I Still Care About Harry Potter Part Six: The Half-Blood Prince

We’ve come to the sixth chapter of Harry’s life. The future of Hogwarts is uncertain and Harry makes a decision that will push him to his limits like never before. The Half-Blood Prince has Harry vindicated: the wizarding world now believes Voldemort is back. While this occurs, Harry tries to have a sense of normalcy in his life, and at 16 that includes noticing girls. By the end we see that he is interested in Ginny, Ron’s sister. In a film that has more comedy than the previous film, there is still the underlying tone of war brewing and Dumbledore is working with Harry to discover a way to stop Voldemort.

Despite all the humor and discovery, there is one last thing Harry comes face to face with: a suicide mission. How does that work? In the end when Dumbledore dies, Harry is hit with the notion that he must use the few clues that were left for him and pick up where Dumbledore left off. He will not return to the school or his friends and he will leave Ginny behind as he will go on his mission. But he won’t go alone.

Throughout six years and overcoming many challenges together, the trio will once again set off and Harry will have his closest friends with him on possibly his most important mission of all. Is there a chance of success? Will they survive? Are they even going to get past the front door? These questions will be answered as the final film comes out soon. We will see the first part of this journey take place, Harry doing what many his age would never have the courage to do. To sacrifice any comfort he might have to end the darkness falling over the world. I will be there on the front line, or front row depending on availability in the theater. See you at the movies and we will talk about it soon.

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